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The month of March hits the year of being 25 years on Earth. This round I wanna make things right for the first time, for myself. I wanna choose me & I wanna be me. I no longer want to fit into the world’s expectations. Each time I said yes(es) to the no(s) & agreed to what I don’t prefer sacrifices my own needs and wants. I allowed myself to be abused throughout this life to please others & became a people-pleaser. I neglected my inner child, I sacrificed her numerous times. She was in pain, tried to reach out to me but sadly I was oblivious. That was the reason why I was unhappy. Your ego may want to continuously self-destruct yourself as you permanently aggrieve but don’t set your expectations on me. I don’t see a need to be like the rest because I am not like the rest, and if that’s not normal it’s okay because I’m an advocate. I’m not willing to give up myself just to fit into the society’s expectations, because if I still continuously do so, not only I will be unhappy but I am actually letting myself down. To speak the truth, I am unwilling to give up on my creativity, foresights, insights, intelligence, emotions & empathy as I see fitting into the society is equivalent to giving up all of my superpowers. I don’t want to. So, why should I? I‘ll not allow anyone to deny my emotions, thoughts & views anymore. It refuses my growth & made me felt miserable. When being limited, these same exact people doubted my capabilities. Maybe, it’s just written in my fate not to be like the rest. Even though I don’t know where I will land myself at or where the final destination would be but I shall now find my purpose of this life being myself now. 💎Thank you for those that checks up on me from time to time & those that accompanied me through my darkest journey for this life. I will be okay. 💖

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29 February 2020

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