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Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some exciting things you can do with your little girls outdoors & how to make the most out of the experience. We will start with something fairly straightforward, and that’s WINTER GEAR! In no particular order & based on our personal experience, here are must-have winter essentials for outdoor play: ❄Quality Socks - no one wants cold feet, especially kids. We tend to go with a local company that makes pure wool socks and they are perfect for layering and keeping those little toes toasty warm. When the temperature gets below -10 or if we are out for a while, we use a two-layer sock system. ❄Base layers - these can be a little expensive but are 100% worth it to keep your kiddos warm. @simply_merino and @weewoollies are two great Canadian companies and their stuff is made with pure merino wool. ❄Insulating layers - these would include fleece hoodies or pants + or - a puffy jacket. We tend to do the fleece shirt/pants combo and a vest but do whatever works for the comfort & mobility of your child. ❄Outer layer - hands down and the GOAT when it comes to outer layers is the @mec Toaster Suit. It last for multiple seasons, is durable and warm and also has a great resale value. Check out our earliest posts where I talk about this suit in more detail. Trust us - get the keys and go buy one… NOW! ❄Mittens - We’ve gone with @janandjul mits with no thumbs. They have a drawstring that allows us to tighten them and avoids any potential for snow to creep in. Again, when it is anywhere below -10 we add a layer underneath (basically, a pair of small baby socks will do the trick). ❄Hats/Toques - We do a version of a balaclava but on warmer days we do a mix of @buffcanada and a separate toque. ❄Boots - @sorelfootwear & @kamikofficial all make quality boots, however it all depends on how cold it gets where you live & how long you will be in the elements. We went with Kamik but we will try @muckbootco when we need new ones. Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing! 📸 -1st winter - we've learned a lot about the importance of layers since 😜. Add any of your own must-have winter gear 👇🏻.

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12 January 2022

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