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SAVE THE DATE - LAS VEGAS - March 14th 2022- . Who wants to goto Vegas with me to the Helium 10 Prosper Event? . At event like this you can learn so much in such a short amount of time So many people have issues with: . Ranking PPC SEO Product Scouting Logistics . Many of these issues our company has already solved, but attending an event like this can REALLY open up your eyes to possibilities. . We've been making so many advances on Amazon, and sometimes the secret to unlocking more doors is just learning what others are doing and where they are seeing success! . One of my biggest wins was when I started doing variations, my partner at the time told me it didn't work, repeatedly, he'd told me that he tried so many variations and he could never get traction. . I met someone at an event that sold Candy, just simple candy (lets say its rock candy) - And he went from 20k per year to 1m per year just by listing his different colors and flavors. . At the time I wasn't selling candy, but I started to list and package several 'purchased together' items, and then created more on feedback "Oh I'd love a lip gloss with this" - Boom, variation with a lip-gloss added... . At this time we had roughly 25 products listed on Amazon . Within 6 months of learning the method we came up with another 75 variations, without adding any additional costs for inventory, and we were able to 7x our sales, from 600-800 per day to 5k days, and then further. . Just one small change got us there. I've honed in what we've built over the past several years, and I've been working on making it repeatable and scalable for any industry or product. . I want to invite 5 people to goto Vegas with me who also need help on their account - I've got the deal of the first quarter: . Our Elite PPC / Ranking service which usually goes for $2200 +7% Profits, you'll get for much less, AND I'LL BUY YOUR TICKET TO PROSPER! . . . . . . . . . #helium10 #prosper #amazonppc #amazonsellers #amazonseller #amazonsellersofinstagram #workathome #moneyathome #affiliatemarketing

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12 January 2022

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#helium10 #prosper #amazonppc #amazonsellers #amazonseller #amazonsellersofinstagram #workathome #moneyathome #affiliatemarketing

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