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i’ve been spending a lot of time processing lately. it’s been hard for me to write out my thoughts because frankly, they’re all over the place. about a month ago i entered a major shift in my life. one small event kind of woke me up to this deeper layer of myself that i hadn’t even known existed. i keep reaching points where i’m soooo in tune with who i am and then something happens and i’m like OKAY YEAH! WAIT, WHAT? and then comes the shifting of timelines and expectations i’ve set for myself which is exciting & disappointing all at the same time. i think a lot of us were raised to think that it just gets easier as you get older. like. you finish school, get the job, find the guy, have the kids etc. and it all happens on this perfectly straight line and that equals joy. but here i am at 27 and my joy comes from new sheets, coffee, and waking up by myself. i’m the most alone i’ve ever been, yet i’ve never felt more full. i literally never thought i’d say that, but for the first time in my life i’m really just enjoying getting to know myself. and i know it won’t be this way forever, so i’m having gratitude and taking it all in. wishing u all a wuuuunderful monday xx

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22 June 2020

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