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Last Week for Submiting the "BAKA ONIICHAN COVER COMPETITION" ♡ I will wait for your submit until this week♡♡ ☆Happy 1st Anniversary 'Baka Oniichan' Cover Dance , Cover Sing & Cover Song Mini Competition!☆ All Country and All Gender Participant Welcome!! Total Prize 8 million rupiah! /$600USD .. ♡ 07 June 2020 - 2 August 2020 ♡ Read all for Details ! . There will be 1 winner and 5 favorite each Dance , Sing & Song Cover of Baka Oniichan. Prize : One Winner = $120 / IDR 1.500.000 + New Special Anniversary CD album + Fan Sign + The video will be featured in all my social media♡ 5 Favorites = New Special Anniversary CD Album + Fan Sign + The video will be featured in all my social media *For another country beside Indonesia, the money prize will be send by Paypal • *Shipping of CD Prize not included . Read all Regulations : 1. Follow all my social media account : Facebook page / Instagram / Twitter / Twitch/ Youtube (subscribe) : Ola Aphrodite 2. Like & Share Baka Oniichan Song : bit.ly/bakaoniichan 3. Like & Share this post 4. Post your cover sing/dance/Song cover in Instagram & Youtube with hashtag and tag me : #BakaOniichanCompetition #BakaOniichan #OlaAphrodite #BakaOniichanCover #BakaOniichanCoverSing = for Cover sing participant #BakaOniichanCoverDance = for Cover dance participant #BakaOniichanCoverSong = for Cover song participant 5. You must cover until first Reff, but you can free to cover it until the end too♡ 6. Special for cover song participant , Cover song means you play instrumental of baka oniichan with any instrument that you can do.. 7. Up to you if want to do it alone or in team but the prize will be the same 8. Make sure to post and share in public 9. You can freely using anything to be more creative .. 10. One person can participate one video in each Competition, but only will win in one category.. . I know the prize is not much >< .. but I just want to give my biggest gratitude for all of you that support me until now.. specialy for supporting "Baka Onii Chan" single of mine♡ I will be very happy if you cover my song.. Super Happy... Please help me share this post and my Baka Oniichan song : bit.ly/olaaphrodite

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29 July 2020

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#BakaOniichanCompetition #BakaOniichan #OlaAphrodite #BakaOniichanCover #BakaOniichanCoverSing #BakaOniichanCoverDance #BakaOniichanCoverSong

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