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✨Cover reveal, take two! Haha!✨ My historical romance A TIME OF DISCOVERY is coming to Amazon in February. I am pretty over the moon about it. 😍 If you like archaeological romances, I invite you to read the synopsis! Synopsis: 🇬🇧 England, 1947. Twenty-three-year-old Jenny Ellison is gifted, ambitious, and a feminist before her time. Refusing to settle for a career as a secretary, she’s studying archaeology at a prestigious university and closing in on her dream: to win the Amity Scholarship and work in Egypt. A brilliant young professor, Dr. Daniel Carter, leads an Egyptian research team on campus. Rumors swirl about his personal life and cryptic military background, but shy, reclusive Daniel has little interest in refuting idle gossip. He devotes himself wholly to his craft and is more surprised than anyone when a tentative friendship with one of his new assistants (the lovely Jenny) begins to bloom. While translating an ancient Egyptian mural, Daniel and Jenny stumble upon a shocking, 3,000-year-old secret: something lies hidden in the desert. Though they long to travel to Egypt together to find it, Daniel and Jenny’s circumstances could not be more prohibitive. Their mutual admiration has evolved into an intense – and forbidden – attraction, and while each secretly feels they have found their heart’s equal, pursuing any sort of relationship could destroy everything they hold most dear. When Daniel receives a series of anonymous threats and Jenny’s reputation is maliciously sabotaged, the couple must race against time to clear their names, unmask their enemy, and decide what lengths they will go to for love. Look for A TIME OF DISCOVERY on Amazon in February 2022! ❤️❤️❤️ #writingcommunity #coverreveal #amreadingromance #amwritingromance #amwritingromancenovels #historicalromance #historicalromancenovel #historicalromancenovels #bookstagram #books

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12 January 2022

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#writingcommunity #coverreveal #amreadingromance #amwritingromance #amwritingromancenovels #historicalromance #historicalromancenovel #historicalromancenovels #bookstagram #books

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