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If I’m being selfish, I’ve got to say, having them home with me this year has been pretty special. {sponsored by YouTube Kids} Of course it’s tough, and of course I wish they could learn with their teachers, and see their friends, but obviously things are different this year. I’m choosing to keep looking at the positives and the fact that these little babies of mine just keep growing too fast, and if this means I can cherish more memories of them little, I’ll take it 💯percent! But I’d be lying if I said we didn’t face feelings of stress and anxiety through this difficult time and all of the unknown has me feeling 🥴🤪 on the daily! I think it’s so important to have people you can always talk to and lean on, as well as finding ways to cope with these feelings. The YouTube Kids team has curated videos centered around wellness for parents and kids alike to help manage the feelings of stress and anxiety. Whether it’s a video on helping your child breathe/meditate/work through the worries, or a video of craft tutorials and projects for your smaller ones, there are so many great options and I’m definitely grateful for that! You can check out all of the YouTube Kids back to school content in the “Learning” category in app or at on desktop. How are you all helping your kids ease into school this year? Please share any and all tips!

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31 August 2020

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