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💥Book Review Post💥 • • • I kept seeing Such a Fun Age by @kileyreid around a few months ago, and it kind of caught my attention, but not enough to buy it. When my book club picked it as its February read, however, I took it as a sign that I should definitely check it out, and I'm glad I did. • • • Synopsis: Emira babysits for the Chamberlain family, a wealthy, white family. One night, she's asked to come over and take little Briar, her three year old charge, to the store, as there's an emergency at home. At the store, Emira is approached by security and accused of kidnapping little Briar. This book follows the events following such an accusation and how Emira and those around her react, often with far more severe consequences. • • • I greatly enjoyed this book far more than I expected. It was a quick read but full of insight. With that being said, some of these characters are absolutely awful! I adored Emira and Briar and couldn't get enough of them spending time together. Emira's friends were fabulous as well, they seem like so much fun to be around. I had huge problems with Alix, Kelley and Tamra. All three of them seemed to impose onto Emira what they thought was the correct way to react to situations without even stopping to think about how she actually feels. It was like they were taking away her voice and trying to use her for their own benefit. I know, I know, that's the point of the book, but it still frustrated me to no end. • • • Book Challenge Prompts: @the52bookclub challenge: A book by an author of color @avengersreading challenge: By a black author and a character that likes music on Falcon's board (I'm changing up how I'm doing this challenge to more align myself with how it's supposed to be done). • • • Overall, I give this book 🍷🍷🍷🍷 • • • #qotd - how do you handle reading books with characters that annoy you/you can't stand? • • • #bookreivew #suchafunage #kileyreid #bookclubbook #februaryreads #readallthebooks #bookworm #avidreader #52bookchallenge #byanauthorofcolor #avengersreadingchallenge #byablackauthor #acharacterthatlikesmusic #falcon

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26 February 2021

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#qotd #bookreivew #suchafunage #kileyreid #bookclubbook #februaryreads #readallthebooks #bookworm #avidreader #52bookchallenge #byanauthorofcolor #avengersreadingchallenge #byablackauthor #acharacterthatlikesmusic #falcon

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