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#3Dpunch tutorial using @polycam3d app 👊 If you try it, tag me and #3Dpunch in your reel so I can find you, and I’ll feature my favorites in my stories next Tuesday! FAQ! Lots of questions yesterday Do I need LiDAR on my iPhone? 👉 If you have iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPad Pro, then you can use the LiDAR mode, which is the fastest (uses light detection sensors in your phone to detect depth) 👉 If you have an earlier iPhone or iPad, then you can use the Photo mode (take lots of photos of your environment) - it’s slower but seems to generate even cleaner results What about Android users? 👉 Go to poly.cam (their website) where you can use Photo Mode to upload images - take lots of images from different angles 👉 I asked the @polycam3d team and they said they’re working on a native Android app as we speak, but for now you can use the website and it still works! 👉 Check out the latest video on @rimshanazir_rn for an example - She messaged me saying that she did hers on Android through the website What if my scan looks distorted? 👉 I struggled with this too, main distortions come when scanning a person (because it’s hard for people to stay perfectly still). The face / hands tend to get distorted, especially using LiDAR mode. To get around this, I zoomed out really fast from myself, so you can only see me up close for a split second, that way the viewer doesn’t notice the distortion on my face 👉 If you want to get a cleaner scan, you can use Photo Mode instead of LiDAR mode (it’s slower, but it can get cleaner results). Make sure to take LOTS of up close photos from every angle on the face, and keep the face very still while you do it Do I have to use a phone? 👉 I haven’t tried this yet, but I read that it also works with DSLR and drone footage (upload to their website poly.cam ). I think I’ll test out some drone footage next and will share that if I manage to get something good! 👉 If you get stuck with your scan you might try Polycam’s YouTube, they have some more in depth tutorials Director @karenxcheng App @polycam3d Shot by @logan.murray.films #polycam #LiDar #blender3d #3dscan #photogrammetry #augmentedreality

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12 January 2022

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@polycam3d @polycam3d @rimshanazir_rn @karenxcheng @polycam3d @logan.murray.films

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#3Dpunch #3Dpunch #polycam #LiDar #blender3d #3dscan #photogrammetry #augmentedreality

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