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Ballerina. When I was 5 and 6 I took ballet lessons. For various reasons I was not able to continue. Nonetheless, I retained a lifelong love of tulle and ballet shoes. At age 6 I was already dreaming of the hard toe shoes, admiring the beautiful shape and silk ribbons. While never destined to wear those shoes I’ve been able to have numerous pairs of ballet flats and other kinds of Capezio shoes. The shoes I’m wearing in this photo were the first luxury brand shoes I purchased a few years ago, silver ballet shoes that came with two sets of ribbons. Recently tulle has come back to fashion especially in the form of skirts. I love that you can also wear them with jeans and sneakers. You may have noticed me wear them before. My sweater is hand knitted and like my favorite old CDG sweater it’s loose knit and lets little glimpses of skin (and my tulle shirt) peek through. The reason I loved ballet was that as a petite child it made me feel tall and graceful. So when I wish to be full of grace I put on my adult version of a ballet costume. Why does this matter during Fashion Revolution Week? Well because #lovedclotheslast

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23 April 2020

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