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“What I want for Another Tomorrow to Look Like” We’re getting glimpses of things we haven’t seen in a long time. The bluer, clear blue of the sky, mountains near cities that have been hidden from view, the air we breathe is fresher than usual. The earth is so resilient, we see Mother Nature recovering as we stop. We’re all having epiphanies and reflections, developing habits of needing and using less. Of making more visible those who provide service to us and those who produce what we need. I want us to remember the bluer blue, the unseen that are now seen. I want us to make choices that manifest these reflections as actions. What you chose to buy and wear is a way to take action. Through those decisions we wear our values into the world. On my shirt is a QR code, when scanned I can find out who, what, where and how my shirt came to be. I can learn why those choices were made and why they matter. In the knowing of that and the wearing of this shirt I am taking a social action. I offer @anothertomorrow as a model and an option as many of us who love and make clothes with passion are wrestling with the question of how to achieve a more just and sustainable another tomorrow. Stay safe ❤️. What do you want for Another Tomorrow to look like?

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16 April 2020

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