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INTUITION// Beyond proud to be part of this @christiesinc with some of the top artist like Banksy, Kaws, my two friend Victor and MDJ, life is fuckin crazy, years ago I was going nowhere and I was lost, now I’ve never felt at the right place as right now. Vancouver-based digital visual artist Fvckrender (b. 1991) has never hidden the fact that his art serves as a form of self-therapy for him. He examines his past experiences – both positive and negative – and uses his art to illuminate, and thereby overcome, past traumas. His newest piece, INTUITION//, carries this tradition forward. The procedurally generated cracks in the face at the center of the piece represent the choices we make in our lifetimes and the consequences those choices have on our future. Is the floating hand that emits light a source of healing brought on by the understanding that comes from illuminating the past? That is not as clear, and is perhaps not meant to be known. This particular piece was inspired by the artist's childhood, and the difficulty he experienced growing up without parents as a constant presence in his life. Rather than let this negatively impact him, Fvckrender instead uses his art to immortalize and control the emotional impact of this childhood and hopes that this work can be a reflection for viewers to create their own meanings. #vancouver #canada #3d #art #digitalart #christies #christiesauction #auctionhouse #fineart #digitalfineart #fvckrender #montreal

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09 July 2021

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#vancouver #canada #3d #art #digitalart #christies #christiesauction #auctionhouse #fineart #digitalfineart #fvckrender #montreal

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