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FBAA & KOFAF - J. L. ARMENTROUT // 5⭐️ 622 & 637 pages, published 2020 YOU GUYS..oh. my. god. I am absolutely and utterly IN LOVE. Let's start with my favourite part, the relationship between Poppy and Cas. The chemistry between those two is wonderful and so much fun to witness as a reader. Their back and forth and all those witty remarks just added so much joy into my experience while reading that I wasn't able to put the books down at all. What I also really enjoyed was the slow build-up to Poppy and Cas finally confessing their feelings for each other, because that made the whole wait so worth it and their love seemed entirely honest and real. Adding to that, another great development was the forming bond between Poppy and Kieran which, at least for me, peaked in a great friendship between them. That was one of my favourite aspects as well! The storyline is also what really got me hooked, though I admit that at first everything was kinda slow as you were flooded with information. But the idea of a Maiden seemed so intriguing, and seeing it all develop towards being a huge lie and betrayal came as a shock and provided an awesome twist. Other than that I do feel like Poppy deserves some special recognition. She is such a strong and badass character, considering all the circumstances, which made her so likeable right from the first page. To see her break through that shell the role of the Maiden has left her in and her getting revenge on the people that have hurt her was amazing to see. And regarding Cas, I absolutely adored the devotion and determination he dedicated towards Poppy and her safety (for the sake of my sanity let's ignore that he originally had other plans for her, thank you very much). All of this of course lead to great 🌶 and 🔥 but pleeease give me The Joining in the third book!!! ALSO my favourite part out of it all? That darn old diary by Missa Willa, I just couldn't hold myself whenever Cas mentioned it. Poppy's reactions to it are also priceless!! @jennifer_l_armentrout please release that as a separate book or at least as an excerpt in a future novel 🙏🏻 I think it's safe to say that my reading year could not have started any better!

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12 January 2022

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