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Woke up to the terrible news that The Red Bar burned last night. Grayton Beach was the first community on 30A founded in the mid 1880’s by Army Maj. Charles T. Gray (Gray-ton) his house the “The Wash-A-Way” still stands today. In 1926, a hurricane’s knocked out a number of dunes packing down the sand making it hard enough for a Model T to drive out on the beach! From what I can find W.H. Butler built the Grayton Beach General Store in the late 1930’s. The store served as the only store for miles, a dance hall, rec center and bowling ally. My dad carved his name into the original benches inside. The location housed numerous “summer” restaurants before Oli Petit opened “Picolo” in 1995, celebrating 24 years this month. 💙 I have more memories at The Red Bar than I can count. I knew about the secret menu crab cakes and cheese sticks. I have danced all night in the bar and listened to incredible jazz on the couches for hours on end. On our last trip to Grayton, Clay and I ate there twice because we couldn’t stop thinking about the blackened grouper. I know it will never be the same but I hope they rebuild and I can continue to bring my friends and someday my kids to this special place. #graytonbeach #theredbar

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13 February 2019

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#graytonbeach #theredbar

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