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💫Mercury Rx!💫 Here we gooooo!🙌🏻 Mercury Rx begins January 14 (for the first time this year). With Venus also still Rx we will likely see themes surface around old patterns in our one-on-one relationships (specifically around communication and problem-solving). As usual delays in travel, general mishaps and shenanigans and misunderstandings are possibilities - leave yourself extra time, read the fine print and double, double check all the things. Rx energies are such amazing opportunities to slow down, REassess, REflect, REview and REengage in new, elevated ways. Don’t fear retrograde energy - if you’re doing the work, you should pass through with little challenge. The universe meets you where you’re at: throwing roadblocks up for yourself? The universe will fall in line and bring you some more roadblocks. Falling into alignment and flowing with the energy you want more of? The universe will flow with you and give you more ease and opportunity. You are in control. Mercury will travel from Aquarius into Capricorn in its Rx journey, so the energies may shift from open-minded to more judgemental - be aware of your state of mind and as I always say: REspond, don’t REact. Take your time folks…. We clear Rx energy Feb 3 (and then two weeks of some post shadow vibes). To get a more specific sense of where this will impact you personally, look to the houses that correspond to Aquarius and Capricorn in your natal chart. Mercury will be Rx through my 3rd and 2nd houses (communication, travel and resources.) Which houses of yours will be touched by this transit? Comment below! 👇🏼 We got this! #mercury #mercuryretrograde #mercuryretrogradeinaquarius #astrology #astrologer #astrologyposts #astrologersofinstagram #astrologersofig #astrologersofinstagram🌟♓️🌕✨💫

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12 January 2022

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#mercury #mercuryretrograde #mercuryretrogradeinaquarius #astrology #astrologer #astrologyposts #astrologersofinstagram #astrologersofig #astrologersofinstagram🌟♓️🌕✨💫

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