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MESSY // I’ve been so down lately. Because of exhaustion, frustration, because of insecurities and comparison, because of hormones and fears, because things didn’t go as planned or because I simply didn’t have my good old 7 hours sleep. Have you ever felt like you don’t even know why you’re so down but you still do? When you feel like it’s nothing but everything, like all the little things added up and all your stored emotions suddenly bursted out? . That’s me sometimes. But I’m learning to be okay with it. And if you feel the same sometimes, I want you to know that you are not alone. . // We are all a mess in some ways. We are broken, imperfect, vulnerable, easy to hurt. But we are also strong enough to let it all out and move on. We are strong enough to cry loudly, to scream, to ask for help, to admit that we don’t have it all together. We are all messy. We could so easily give up, so easily break down and stay on the ground, we could so easily choose to never get up from our mess yet there’s something (or someone) in us that keeps us going from strength to strength, from one crying sesh to the next. what is it, if not a miracle?! . // here’s to all the beautiful messy souls that are figuring life out in their own, miraculous ways. we’ve got it. . Write a caption while looking at a beautiful Pactian's Landscape. #L33BROS

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20 October 2019

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