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Comparison is the thief of joy and creativity. // It blocks your imagination and faith because you are looking at someone else’s end results and you compare it to your process. You stop and focus on someone else instead of moving forward and embracing your own skills & possibilities. It builds a wall between you and them because you are looking at the differences and not on the similarities. It makes you bitter and frustrated and anxious because you look at what you don’t (and probably shouldn’t) have instead of using all the incredible things you’ve got. Do you know that no one else thinks like you do, creates like you do, imagines like you do, believes like you do? Do you know that no one else runs the race that you run? Do you know that you’ve got everything you need in you to move forward, to create, to grow? Let them inspire you. Let them make you want to be more, do more. Let them make you better, stronger, braver. But you’ve gotta start seeing yourself as one of a kind. You’ve gotta believe that their skills are different than yours. You’ve gotta understand that no one has what you have so no one can do what you could. You’ve gotta stop comparing. And start celebrating yourself & others instead. #notetoself P.s : Still didn’t have time to go through and edit the photos but I honestly can’t wait to share them (hopefully) very soon!!! #explorejogja #folkindonesia #livefolkindonesia

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04 June 2019

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#notetoself #explorejogja #folkindonesia #livefolkindonesia

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