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A couple days ago a friend of mine talked with we. He started saying how much he is inspired by some of my thoughts, how much some of them meant to him in times when he really needed encouragement. I don’t even remember some of the things he said to me because I was so surprised, overwhelmed and because I was close to tearing up. _ It reminded me that this is exactly the reason why I started doing this, sharing my thoughts and experiences. So that others would find encouragement and inspiration through what I learned, what I’ve been through, especially emotionally. _ I believe in sharing - the good and the bad. A story becomes really powerful when we not only share a result, an awesome outcome, a great milestone, but the struggle too. Not just the highs but the lows. Not just the mountains but the valleys. Not just the light but the dark inside of us. _ Imperfection is what connects us - that’s our common ground. Not perfection - because no one is perfect! Sharing about our difficulties, being honest and raw is what builds empathy, this is what makes people realise that they are not alone. That it’s ok not to be perfectly happy, it’s okay not to be okay. _ We tend to compare our worst to others’ best - because that’s what we see here - and that makes us feel down, like we are not enough. So we need more honesty. We need more realness. We need more stories that share the “before” part. We need to be more human. _ My friend who i can't mention here, thank you for reminding me why I started and thank you for randomly coming up to me, sharing your stories and without realizing it, you encouraging me with your stories! _ Celebrate every little victory, every new leaf, every new fruit, every new step, celebrate even the tiniest growth. Don’t be hard on yourself. Small growth is growth too. Appreciate it. Embrace it. Remember it. // It doesn’t matter if you’re growing slowly as far as you’re growing steadily. _ Also thank you for 10K subcribers on my youtube. Guys you are my MVP in my life. Also, hyung, lets work hard but slowly again :)

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18 May 2019

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