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[Kyung Hyung] + @k_inthewild I was really worried before meet you again since you know, we have a lot similarities that i thought we will fight a lot. lol. we did but it was mostly a joke. Thank you for changing my perception about you. To sum up, this trip was a life changing to me. This trip, hyung have inspired me to write more, to laugh more, to be more patient and to forgive. You have been the greatest brother (with @eslavida.082 sang hyung) of my life, thus far; also my greatest disappointment. You know what i mean? lol. But even in all of the pain and the hurt, there was growth. I learned to have boundaries, I learned my self-worth. I learned to love out loud. I learned not to wait to share my thoughts and feelings. Hyung, I told you this before. But, i want you know it again for sure. i am so proud of you Hyung for everything you have achieved so far. Especially during this trip. Thank you for following me so well even i keep being noisy everyday. For Hyung that laughed with me, that let me in to your 'home, heart and family'. For opportunities that changed the way I see people and experiences. for adventures I'll never forget. For meeting the best big brother that taught me so much about how to love and live well and how to use what we have with passion and with purpose. Thnaks for allow me, where I could be imperfect yet loved, broken yet accepted, immature yet appreciated. For you showing constant love and support. Thank you also, for all the late night talks we had. Honestly, everynight i learned a lots lol. Also, there was always something about the way you listened that made me feel like the only person in the world who listen to me so well. It wasn’t always bad between us. I want you to remember that. Thank you for being the person I am always able to turn to for literally anything. Lets rock this year @l33bros. 끝까지 같이 가자~~

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21 January 2019

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@k_inthewild @eslavida.082 @l33bros.

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