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Instagram Provides Key Tips to Help Marketers Maximize their On-Platform Efforts

With Instagram's influence on the rise, and more people tuning into the latest trends and happenings through the app, logically, more brands are looking to build an Instagram presence, and market their products and services via Instagram Stories, posts and videos.

9 hours agoBy

Instagram Testing New Battery-Saving Smartphone Feature

Instagram is testing a new Interface design that should bring a welcome boost in battery life for owners of many high-end smartphones.

6 days agoBy

New Study Finds Consumers are Concerned About the Influence of Social Media on News Coverage

This is probably not great news for Facebook, which is in the midst of constructing its coming, dedicated news tab to improve news coverage.

6 days agoBy

Instagram Adds New 'Restrict' Option to Limit the Exposure of Trolls and Cyberbullies

As noted recently by Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, a key aim for Intagram is to create a platform where all users feel safe to express whatever they want, without the fear of criticism, negative comments, or indeed, cyberbullying.

8 days agoBy

Instagram Launches Product Launch Reminder Stickers and Tags to Capitalize on Audience Interest

eCommerce seems like the next logical step for Instagram, with the platform slowly but surely adding in new features and options which encourage shopping in-app, providing new functionality for users, and new opportunities for businesses to get more out of their Insta presence.

12 days agoBy

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