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The Future of Shopping Is Already Happening in China

Traditional retail and e-commerce hold little interest for consumers who are wedded to smartphones and take their cues from influencers.

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Op-Ed | The Truth About Micro-Influencers

Is small the new big when it comes to influence? The fascination with micro-influencers has certainly been captivating brands and media alike over the last few years, culminating in the emergence of nanoinfluencers late last year.

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Importance of Social Media & Marketing in the Events Industry

By creating innovative ways to reach out to the audience, social media has forced the events industry to evolve and think out of the box to bring bigger and better events for audiences

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3 Key Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Digital marketing is becoming the mainstream tool of conducting marketing strategy. In today’s highly digitally and advanced accelerated world, traditional and digital marketing is rapidly becoming obsolete. The way brands exchange communication with consumers and promote their products and services has been dramatically revolutionized ever since digital marketing rose to the surface. In a recent […]

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Instagram Might Cut Out Like Counts

Instagram may be adjusting the way users view likes, Fast Company reports.

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