Frequently Asked Questions provides fast AI-powered Instagram analytics for ANY public Instagram Profile or Instagram Hashtag, and is free-to-use! Just type an Instagram Profile or Hashtag and instantly get actionable insights for yours and your peers’ social media strategy. No Instagram login is required, enjoy unlimited Basic for free with a quick email-sign up. Or upgrade to Premium, Plus, or Pro’s monthly or yearly plans to get more powerful analytics and insights.

    Instagram typically provides basic insights for your own Profile. however, provides advanced analytics and insights on any public Instagram Profile, Follower, or Hashtag. We provide much more actionable insights which you can use for Campaign Reporting, Follower Demographics & Authenticity checks, Competitive Analysis, Tagged Relationships, Influencer Mapping, Content Analysis, and many more!

    Yes, simply type any public Instagram profile to instantly get basic Instagram analytics and insights. Click here to analyze any Instagram Profile.

    Or upgrade to Premium, Plus, or Pro’s monthly or yearly plans to get more powerful analytics and insights.

    Yes, simply type any public Instagram #Hashtag to instantly get Basic Instagram analytics and insights. Click here to analyze any Instagram #Hashtag

    Or upgrade to Premium, Plus, or Pro for more powerful analytics and insights (Click here for Sample Pro Reports)

    Not at all, we can still provide analytics on historical posts for any public Instagram Profile, Follower, and Hashtag. is built on proprietary algorithms that is independent from the official Instagram API, and uses multiple sources of social media data to produce actionable insights for users.

    We do not offer free trials since Basic is completely free for unlimited-use for signed up users :) You can always upgrade anytime should you need deeper analytics and insights.

    We would be sad to see you leave, but yes you can cancel your subscription anytime by chatting with us or sending us an email to Kindly note that the minimum subscription term is 1 month, with no pro-rated refund for unused periods of any month. You will still be able to analyze any Instagram Profile or Hashtag on Basic. upgraded subscriptions provides deeper industry-leading Profile, Follower, and Hashtag Profile, Follower, and Hashtag analytics on your-own and others’ Instagram game. Get actionable AI-powered insights to guide your social media strategy and stay on top of your game. See Upgrade Pricing!

    Simply click here to choose your Plans Premium, Plus or Pro (Monthly or Yearly) upgrade subscription, and choose your secured credit card payment option

    We kindly encourage you to check your credit card transaction limit or an expiry date in the case of a failed payment and to call the bank that issues your credit card for further information. If this problem still persists, please feel free to chat or email us and we would be more than happy to help you.

    Yes, your subscriptions automatically renew each month or year according to your chosen plan. provides AI powered Instagram Analytics on Profiles, Followers, and Hashtags that users can use to gain insights and inspiration on how to grow their Instagram Profiles Followers. Our clients typically use for Engagement Analysis, Content Selection, Competitive Analysis, Follower Demographic & Authenticity checks, Influencer Performance Analysis, Brand-Influencer Mapping, UGC Analysis, and Campaign Reporting. However, is not a tool for getting artificial follower boosts.

    Upgraded subscription plans let you analyze as many Instagram Profiles and Hashtags as you want – as long as the Profiles or Hashtags are public (not private) and are not restricted (e.g. 18+ age restricted content)

    Yes you can. However analyzes your searches in real-time to provide the most up-to-date analytics and insights. Hence your searches are loaded on a rolling first-search-first-served basis. So we kindly suggest you to prioritize your searches because larger Profiles or Hashtags can take more time to analyze than smaller ones.

    Our Customer Service hours are from Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Jakarta, Indonesia Time (UTC +07:00)

    We love you too! Drop us an email at Our Founder usually read them and will respond :)