Why is TikTok Analytics Important, and How to Use it

By Bradian Muliadi  | Mar 16, 2020 09:10 (edited)


Whether you're a TikToker, a brand or an advertiser, you need to quantify the engagements earned on your TikTok Profile to understand what content works and what doesn’t.  This is especially important since TikTok uses machine learning to algorithmically decide what videos to showcase in every users’ TikTok feed. Such algorithms are driven by data from numbers and figures, and that is why understanding your content’s performance metrics is crucial to successful social media growth on TikTok.

On TikTok, you can get analytics and insights on your Profile if you convert to TikTok Pro, afterwhich you get access to Profile Overview (Profile Views, Video Views, and Follower Count), Content Insight, and Follower Insight.  From there, you can then monitor your progress, experiment on different content, and measure the results to see what type of content resonates best with your Followers.

However to go above and beyond, you will need to use another social analytics tool like Analisa.io to get more insights because TikTok Pro only lets you analyze your own Profile, whereas with Analisa.io, you can analyze any public TikTok Profile or Hashtag. As a quick overview, you can get the following insights on Analisa.io for TikTok Profiles and Hashtags:

- Engagement Rate, Like Rate, and Comment Rate

- Posting Activity and Audience Engagement

- Most Used Caption Words and Most Used Hashtags

- Top Tags and Mentions

- Posts with Highest Engagement, Most Likes, and Most Comments

- (Many more launching soon!)

Go ahead, search any TikTok Profile or Hashtag for free and take Analisa.io for a spin now, because sooner or later when TikTok Marketing matures, measuring and understanding social analytics will be a key skill for social media success, so it is best to get acquainted early.

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