Why You Need to Consider Instagram Analytics Tools Right Now

By Bradian Muliadi  | Feb 12, 2020 11:45

Just like a photo album, Instagram was originally known as a platform to upload photos to make memorable content on social media. After rapidly expanding and deepening use-cases from diverse users from individuals to businesses, Instagram has started to place a focus on developing features beyond its originally intended product design.  Nowadays, people use Instagram for branding, hard-selling, or even pushing political propagandas

 Even though Instagram has launched many new features, there is still one thing Instagram has not adequately provided to most businesses: transparent analytics and insights. Instagram does not provide complete features to let users analyze profiles. As a result, users cannot maximize their social media potential to digitally succeed.

 Naturally, this gap provided an opportunity for technology companies to step in and provide Instagram Analytics tools to help individuals and businesses evaluate their own and competitors’ social media performance. Usually, Instagram Analytics Tools only show basic numbers of how many people like and comment on your Profile.

 Analisa.io however, goes above and beyond, showing you more detailed insights such as follower demographics from age, gender, authenticity, and also the graphics of your profiles' improvement within a month. This is the example of how Analisa.io analyzes the social media of Parasite, a South Korean movie that just made history in the Oscars

 1. Demographics: Age, Gender, Location, Authenticity

This is the example of how Analisa.io shows details demographics, from the range of age, the country in which its people like the movie, and the specific category of the followers from real Profiles to suspicious ones.

2. Engagement mapping

This is the engagement of @parasitemovie on Instagram within 4 months from September 2019 to February 2020. Analisa.io also gives you the graphic of the engagement you made within a year.  

3. Posting Activity and Tags used

This table shows you about the tags that mostly being used to align with @parasitemovie. Meanwhile, posting activity and audience engagement are connected. You will have information about what day and time that @parasitemovie will likely to gain more likes and comments.

 4. Average of Comments and Likes

These charts show you the average of like and comments @parasitemovie gains within a day yet the flow within a week. Last but not least, @analisa.io shows the most used tags. 

So, if you think Instagram Analytics Tools are not really necessary, we encourage you to browse beyond the photos and immerse yourself in the numbers and insights that could be useful for your social media game.  Instagram Analytics tools could uncover new insights because these numbers are the real engagements. You can’t count manually these numbers by looking one by one through your posts or even making it up. The numbers will help you to give an idea of what parts of your accounts that need improvement, and you can analyze your competitors too seeing which part of them flops. 

Analisa.io is one of the leading and most detailed Instagram and TikTok Analytics tool out there. You can try analyzing your Instagram Profile for free by clicking here

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