Why Instagram’s Hashtag Analytics are Important for Your Business?

By Bradian Muliadi  | Jan 23, 2020 07:19

Social media’s use in marketing strategies seems to have become a habit. Social media, such as Instagram, have indeed been proven to strengthen a brand. Besides the content, another thing that also influences is a hashtag.

You certainly are familiar with Hashtag. Especially if you use the Instagram platform in your product marketing strategy. Writing hashtags is a crucial thing in social media marketing. Because most Instagram users will search for topics or content they like through hashtags. In other words, its use can be said to be the same as keywords in search engines. So, like keywords in search engines, you should use popular hashtags in your posts.

Instagram’s Popular Hashtag

Simply put, popular hashtags are very important because there are many people who are looking to use hashtags. So writing hashtags also must be considered. For example, you use a hashtag #abcd with only 15 users. Of course, others will see your content a little.

Another case if you use the hashtag #bajukeren which has a total user of up to 200,000 times. This hashtag can be said to be popular and is often used. This means that if you use this hashtag, your content will be seen by other users more often.

You can also choose the identity of your brand, or rather your Instagram account. For example, if your account is used to sell food products, then use hashtags like #instafood and #foodism to be the right choice. Because this hashtag shows that your Instagram account has food products.

This hashtag can also determine the target consumers and the positioning of your products in marketing strategies. For example, if you use the hashtag #tasmurah or #bajutermurah according to the product being sold. From here you can already see your sales target right?

Posting content using a variety of popular hashtags can also affect the number of likes on your content and account followers. If your post is on a recent post on the Instagram search feature, other Instagram users who are opening the hashtag will most likely see your post. With so many people watching, the possibility of getting likes and followers will be even greater.

The inclusion of your posts in recent posts depends on how many hashtags you are using. The more hashtags used, the more likely it is to enter recent posts on Instagram. But this can only be used for new posts. For posts that have passed long enough, you cannot use this method.

Popular Hashtag Research

After learning about the important role of popular hashtags, you are certainly curious about how to find popular hashtags. There are two ways that you can use to find popular hashtags.

1. Using Instagram

You can directly use Instagram to search for popular hashtags. You must determine the main topic of the posts made before starting the search. For example food.

After finding the main topic, you can directly enter your Instagram account and click the search button. Later you will see a special column for search hashtags. You can also see the amount of popularity. So you just choose which has the most appropriate and often used to target the market.

2. Using a third party

The third-party referred to here is the application or website, or in short, hashtag analytics tools. Currently, there are many hashtag analytics tools available. One of them is analisa.io.

All you have to do is go to the Analisa.io website and type the keywords that have been specified in the Hashtag Analytics search column. Later you can see a variety of data about the audience, engagement, follower reach, and others related to the hashtag being sought, which also can help you to develop your marketing strategy.

Hashtag analytics turned out to be one of the important points in marketing your product. Therefore, the writing should be considered more. Certain research is needed to produce powerful hacks that can boost your content. You can use Hashtag Analytics to find the best of Instagram’s popular hashtag. Start your hashtag analytics now!

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