Users Add Song Lyrics to Instagram Stories

By  | Jun 24, 2019 05:42

You've heard of Instagrammers carefully choosing the perfect song lyrics to caption their photos. Now, music streaming service Deezer is helping users add lyrics that fit their mood directly to Instagram Stories with a few taps.

Starting today (June 19), Deezer users can instantly post up to five lines of song lyrics from the streamer's 53 million tracks by tapping a new "Lyrics" symbol within the streaming app's mobile player, then selecting and cropping verses. Once the user is satisfied, they'll be redirected to Instagram Stories to post their lyric selection right away.

The new feature is similar to Instagram's own new lyrics sticker, which the company unveiled earlier this month, and also works for podcast lyrics (in countries where podcasts are available on Deezer).

“Songs offer us one of the best and most human ways to express ourselves," commented Deezer chief product and growth officer Stefan Tweraser. "Thanks to our new integration with Instagram, music fans can now share not only their own special moments, but the song lyrics that tell their personal story in the best way."

Deezer users can already share songs through Stories, allowing followers to listen to the entire track by clicking the accompaying "Play in Deezer" button. For the new sharing function, lyrics are provided by licensing service LyricFind. 

The news comes amid a hectic week for those in the lyric business -- for better or for worse.

Earlier this week, Genius Media accused Google of copying lyrics from its website to appear above search results, which Genius argues discourages users from visiting its site. Shortly after, music publisher Wixen launched a lawsuit against Pandora, arguing that the streaming service is displaying lyrics from Wixen artists without the proper license to do so.

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