Understanding TikTok Analytics for Brands and Influencers on TikTok Pro

By Bradian Muliadi  | May 28, 2020 08:44

As a Brand or Influencer on TikTok, using TikTok analytics tools is crucial to TikTok Marketing success. Not only for tracking follower growths to see how far you’ve come, but more importantly, for useful insights to accelerate your future TikTok growth strategy. TikTok now equips Brands and Influencers with rich features from a TikTok Pro account that helps you track your progress while providing actionable insights to learn how to improve your audience reach and engagement. Here is a quick rundown on the key metrics you need to master:

1. Engagement Rate

Just like any other social media, engagement is an important measure. This metric includes likes, comments, and shares. If you launched a hashtag challenge, engagement can include views and submissions.

TikTok analytics lets you view the number of those engagement metrics and measure the average engagement daily, weekly, monthly, and the rates of those engagements. This will help you recognize whether the content you have been posting resonates with the audience they have or want to target.

Engagement is one of the ways that the TikTok algorithm can push your content to a wider audience. Marketers agreed that the quicker you gain engagement in the first few hours of your posting, the higher the chance of your post to succeed or even to go viral. Therefore, time-stamped engagement details from TikTok analytics will be very useful to know if you upload content, at the perfect posting time.

2. Posting Activity

You may already know what time and how often you post, but that often doesn’t represent the statistical outlook of your posting activity. This means you need to ask yourselves: have you been posting consistently? Is the frequency of your posting optimized for engagement? When are the best times for you to post?

If you are a brand or influencer, you can benefit from doing industry and competitive benchmarking. Find out what time is best for you to post and in what volume or frequency should you be posting. This will help you emulate other TikTok accounts’ success or devise your own unique TikTok marketing strategy to engage with audiences where competition is low.

3. Top Hashtags

If you’ve been hearing about TikTok hashtags a lot, that’s because we can’t emphasize enough how important finding the right hashtags is. As an influencer, it will help you know what hashtag challenges are getting a lot of tractions and which ones you should participate in. As a brand, TikTok hashtags analytics gives you insights on what an ideal campaign should look like.

TikTok hashtags analytics tools let you see which hashtags certain TikTok profiles have used that gained the most traction. It will also help you in planning TikTok campaigns by analyzing successful hashtags challenges and identifying the perfect creative recipe for social media success.

4. TikTok Captions

Although this doesn’t sound like a major feature in TikTok, insights on top captions can leverage your TikTok success. You will find that videos that made it into the For You Page share similar captions. However, most importantly, captions insights give you a perspective of how your audience communicates.

As a brand, this will help you plan your campaigns and find influencers that share your brand’s and audience’s voice. As an influencer, it will also help you communicate with your fans in a way that resonates well with them.

5. Followers Growth

Ultimately, your total number of followers is the key gauge of your social authority as a brand or an influencer. However, don’t stop at tracking your follower growth over time, if you want to continue growing fast, try to cross-reference your follower growth spurts with your social activity on TikTok to identify key turning points in your social media history that led to spikes in followers.  For example, have you been switching to a new posting time? Were you tagged or mentioned by someone at the same time as your followers’ number spiked? 

These insights should be integrated with your overall TikTok marketing strategy. It helps you analyze the efficacy of campaigns, influencer campaigns, and organic growth. As social media growth is a dynamic and iterative process, avoid past mistakes and sharpen past successes - and the key way to do so, is by arming yourself with actionable insights from TikTok analytics to make data-driven decisions.

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