Top TikTok Influencer Agencies in the UK

By Bradian Muliadi  | Apr 30, 2020 08:40 (edited)

The United Kingdom is one of the busiest countries for TikTok users, influencers, and businesses, with a forecast of over 10 million users by 2021. It is no surprise that the UK housed many influencer agencies from global major ones to smaller agencies that focus on local young audiences. 

We curated four of the biggest and highly-influential agencies that shape the UK's and the world's TikTok influencer marketing landscape in this article. 


Fanbytes is clearly a top contender for TikTok influencer agencies not just in the UK, but also on a global stage. Founded by Timothy Armoo when he was only 17, Fanbytes was initially a media company that largely focused on the millennial audience. Today, Fanbytes is a leading content, social, and influencer marketing company that aims to help brands win the hearts of Gen Z.

Claiming to be the experts of Gen Z marketing, Fanbytes put data-focused strategies to power their next-generation marketing mission. The now-massive start-up manages the UK’s top influencers in an endlessly innovative method, such as by building their very own UK TikTok house, launching the first TikTok creators-made beauty brand, and more to come.


PMYB is a UK-based influencer marketing agency that prides itself in their Chromo-Analysis system--a system of 5 stage analysis of influencers' ability to reach a high Return on Investment (ROI) by assessing their profile. PMYB now has a network of over 17,000 influencers worldwide and across platforms. PMYB manages influencers that have partnered with major brands such as Apple, Barclays, and TikTok itself. 


London-based, Sociably, is mostly known for its vast portfolio of luxury brands campaigns since 2013. As Gen Z entered the consumer sphere, Sociably expanded its services to making TikTok campaigns that are specifically targeted for younger audiences of luxury brands. Sociably offers an end-to-end service from influencer casting, campaign strategizing, to end-of-campaign analysis. 

Make Honey

Make Honey is a social creative agency that is part of the multi-award-winning marketing company The Honey Partnership. Since merged with TikTok, Make Honey has recognized a huge potential in the platform and enlarged its marketing scope to the platform. The agency offers services ranging from social listening to influencer management to content creation for brands including JBL and Alibaba Cloud. Their impressive range of work has focused on mobile-first, social media-first, and video-led strategies.

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