Top Strategies to Boost Your Brand by Using Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok

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What is a Branded Hashtag Challenge?

7 Awesome Tips for A Successful Campaign

When TikTok influencers run a hashtag challenge, they will invite their audience to create a video and use the hashtag created by them. This method can increase
TikTok engagement and can help you to reach a wider audience. 

The massive effect of hashtag challenge encourages many companies to sponsor their own hashtag challenge on TikTok, which is known as Branded Hashtag Challenge. This strategy helps companies to build brand reputation and awareness.

After reading this article, you will understand what branded hashtag challenge is and how to use it to increase your TikTok engagement.


What is a Branded Hashtag Challenge?


Branded Hashtag Challenge is a hashtag challenge created by companies. There are two important factors such as a sponsored banner on TikTok’s Discover page, and a sponsored challenge page. After a company shares a video using a sponsored hashtag, its audience will usually react by creating and sharing a similar video with the same sponsored hashtag. 

 To boost your TikTok engagement, you can work with several TikTok influencers and they will represent your brand. Using branded hashtag challenges will increase user-generated content (UGC) and drive genuine interaction between brands and its customers. As a result, your customer will feel closer to your brand and this can lead them to be your loyal customer.

 Before running a branded hashtag challenge, companies will decide the objective. For example, they want to create awareness for a new product, generate new leads for new products, or boost brand awareness.

7 Awesome Tips for A Successful Campaign


Be Authentic


Authenticity can lead to better results, as your audience will be interested more in simple and genuine contents. The first thing you have to find is an idea that fits your brand, product you sell, and also the relationship you build within your niche. Do it as naturally as possible, and success will come to you naturally.


Be in Your Audience’s Shoes


As what we have mentioned before, your success depends on the authenticity that your brand has built with your audience. You can invite them to join competitions or give special offers. This method will make your audience happy to participate in promoting your brand.


Follow Trends and Assimilate in The Culture


Before you execute an idea, research the trends in your niche community. You should analyze the top and popular trends that align with your business. After that, you can combine it into your branded hashtag challenge concept. This strategy will eventually boost your TikTok engagement which can turn into increased sales.


Be Creative with Music


Audio is essential in TikTok to increase your TikTok engagement. Your brand authenticity will be shown with your sound. For example, you can create a voice over or jingle for your brand. A good choice of music can help you to get the best TikTok engagement.


Have Fun


Make sure your branded challenge hashtag makes your audience happy and inspires them to be creative. You can try using a dramatic themed transformation, branded effects, or gamified experience.


Give Impact with People


You can collaborate with TikTok influencers to do branded challenge hashtags. Their posts can inspire other popular TikTok creators to create their own posts with your branded hashtag challenge.


Simplify Your Story


Make sure that your challenge is easy to duplicate. Easy challenges help you to reach a wider audience because many people want to get involved. If people can do it wherever they are without buying anything or going to a certain location, then it will be easy for them to participate in your challenge. Make sure your story is simple and easy to follow.


Final Thoughts


One of the most effective strategies to build reputation and brand awareness is using hashtag challenges. A successful challenge can lead to higher conversion, increased sales, and improve the brand’s reputation. However, you need to invest a lot of money to run this challenge because you need to collaborate with influencers. If you have a small business, it will be harder and costlier for you to get viral with hashtag challenges. However, you can apply some of traditional TikTok growth strategies to boost your business. 

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