Tips For Brands That Will Work With Influencer

By Bradian Muliadi  | Jan 07, 2020 08:39 (edited)

One of the hottest topics this year for social media marketing greatly influences business people who have a major interest in representing each of the influencers, brands and institutions very focused on the future of influencers and have reached the conclusion: a long-term relationship with influencers is an obligation to get results the best. The three representatives from each party agree that the brand or institution must be chosen to work with each influencer and tips for the brand if you want to work with this influencer.

Reasons to Choose to Work with Influencers:

Senior Consultant for Social Media Relations and individuals, Maria Andersen, emphasized three things that became a simple collaboration ratio between brands and influencers and were able to have an extraordinary impact, namely:

1. Influencers are able to exert a large influence on a specifically targeted audience.
2. They are able to create content that is consistent with the concept of the event.
3. And the most important thing: They are able to provide a fairly high level of credibility.

Try asking yourself: What is the biggest impact on yourself? There are giant shampoo advertisements out there, but a friend recommends a better brand, how is that possible? Because, peer-to-peer like this is far more effective than just a big billboard or other PR, and that's what influencers do so that working with influencers will give the same results if done correctly and handled by the right people.

Tips for Brands that Choose to Work with Influencers:

  1. Making Influencers As Brand Ambassadors
  2. Choose Influencers that have an active audience / follower
  3. Using Influencers that can better appreciate content
  4. Story Telling is the key
  5. Influencers can help meet the needs of digital strategies
  6. Pay or not at all

Finding Out Influencer's Profile

Each brand product has a target market based on certain market segments. Influencer followers can be invited to collaborate on marketing campaigns and must be in accordance with their target market. In addition, the important thing to analyze is whether the majority of viewers or followers are actively involved in any influencer-related content on their blogs or social media accounts? And, if most of the comments from the audience or followers relevant to the content displayed can be used as an indicator of whether influencers build an audience or follower base in the right way or not.

Content Quality Is The Highest Priority

Photos or videos posted on influencers' blogs or social media accounts must be of good quality. Examples of food in a photo or video will look delicious and interesting, using the services of a photographer or videographer who specializes in the canned food industry to produce photos or videos of the expected quality.

Captions used in photo or video content and articles on this blog are also worth mentioning. If the brand wants to count the number of sales increases that result from an influencer's collaboration, then you can ask the influencer who is associated with writing a special discount code on the text description highlighted in the article content. Followers can use a special discount code on your purchase.

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