TikTok Hashtag Tips for your Brand

By Bradian Muliadi  | Mar 24, 2020 07:50 (edited)

Hashtags can help you reach more users based on common interests and expand your brand’s exposure beyond existing followers. Especially so in TikTok, where users actively follow and browse hashtags to discover specific topics of interest.  This is why attaching your TikTok content to certain hashtags can help make your brand ride the wave of social trends while boosting exposure and recognition. Here are a few ideas on use-cases of TikTok hashtags for your brand:

Marketing Campaigns

Use the hashtag on contents made for specific seasonal campaigns for your brand’s product or service. Using a hashtag can also help you to track the progress and performance of your social campaign.

Product Launches

Create special hashtags to generate hype and anticipation for a product or service that you are about to launch. Early education and awareness is key to building anticipation among your audience and eventually converting them into paying customers.

User Reviews & Feedback

Create a signature hashtag that your audience can identify your brand with, and encourage them (through call-to-actions) to post about your brand, leave positive reviews, or even provide feedback for future product inspirations.  This is a good way to boost engagement for your social media presence while building a two-way relationship with your customers.

Online Competition & Challenges

Take a shot at making something viral by creating entertaining challenges for your audience to participate in, while inviting other users outside your brand’s inner circle to join and discover your brand. Don’t forget to provide incentives and prizes!

Before you start making a hashtag for your brand, here are a few tips to getting the right inspiration for your perfect hashtag:

Analyze your brand niche to find Relevant Hashtags 

Big mainstream hashtags would drown your content, whereas small niche hashtags would reduce exposure. Try to strike a balance between both to find a niche and relatable hashtag for your brand that would catch the attention of passionate enthusiasts and casual viewers alike.

See What Hashtags Your Competitors are Using

Another approach to search for TikTok hashtags is to just follow your competitors’ hashtags and see what content they are posting. From here, you can either use the same hashtag as them to ride on their content wave and “steal” their audience, or you can carve out your niche by launching a more creative hashtag campaign and challenging theirs.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can also use TikTok Analytics tools such as Analisa.io to analyze your competitors’ hashtags to get more in-depth insights on their TikTok hashtag and content strategy, and then outsmart them by knowing what works and doesn’t work for your competitors’ TikTok campaigns.

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