TikTok Analytics: How Important is TikTok’s Marketing Role In Business?

By Bradian Muliadi  | Jan 23, 2020 03:48 (edited)

Nowadays, the development of information and communication technology is difficult to avoid. Almost all aspects of human life can be done with technology that is certainly easier and more practical than using the old way.

Business is the one that is experiencing change and progress. Maybe you’ve realized if marketing through social media is currently increasing. Social media nowadays is very pleased. Especially by the younger generation.

Various platforms are used to reach audiences of such social media users. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

TikTok? Yes, TikTok. You may be surprised how the application that comes from the country of bamboo curtain can be so loved by the users of social media. This app is a platform for social media users to show their creative side in the form of videos, music, and photos.TikTok provides a variety of interesting features that can be used to pour the user’s imagination, such as special effects, music clips, duets, short clip recordings, as well as background music options.

According to information from Datareportal, until the year 2019 TikTok already has about 1 Billion active users. How to get that much? The answer is that because the majority of users are young people who are in the process of looking for an identity. So TikTok is considered to be a media of self-expressiveness in cyberspace.

Various creative ideas are always popping up in the TikTok app. However, not all users of TikTok are the main actors of these creative ideas. Many use this app for entertainment purposes only. Various content on the TikTok application is quite entertaining. The combination of creative ideas with interesting features becomes responsible for the emergence of various unique content in TikTok.

TikTok Analytics

Since its two-year appearance, the TikTok app has managed to collect up to 500 million users or half of Instagram users. Interestingly, TikTok is the most downloaded Android app in the US with total downloads reaching 9.14 million. This amount successfully defeated Instagram which ‘ only ‘ downloaded as much as 2.47 million times.

From here you will already be able to feel how TikTok’s role is increasingly trying to ‘ ramps ‘ social media platforms at this time. More than 41% of its users are in the age range of 16–24 years. These ages will usually be more consumptive, where they buy something on the basis of desire, not a necessity. The perfect target for your marketing products right?

Therefore, planning the right marketing strategy using TikTok is believed to be the right way to spread your products.

Then how to know the success rate of TikTok marketing efforts? The answer is with TikTok Analytics.

TikTok Analytics will help you figure out the performance of content created against the audience. This analysis tool is arguably similar to Instagram Creator. To access this TikTok Analytics, you need to use a Pro account first.

It’s easy. You just need to go to yourTikTok account profile settings and select the Manage my Account option. Then select Switch to Pro account. You’ll then be asked to choose a feature category for your account. Lastly, enter the phone number for your account as well as the code you will receive via SMS.

Once the Pro account is ready, return to the Settings menu. You’ll see Analytics options. For your information, you’ll need to wait about a week to get enough data on content performance with TikTok Analytics. While you’re waiting, we recommend creating plenty of content to promote your products. That way, the analysis gets deeper.

TikTok Analytics will allow you to know the total views of your content, how many users visit your account, what content encourages users to see your account, the graph of your account’s followers, to region data from the audience.

Trend Marketing products should always follow the interest in the community. One of them is using TikTok, the application that is being loved by the young generation today. Its popularity makes the application have an important role in the marketing of a product. Interested in using TikTok marketing for your business?

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