The Power of Educational Content on TikTok

By Bradian Muliadi  | Jul 14, 2020 04:29

From social and political movements that prompted a threat of TikTok ban in the US to simple how-to tutorials or fun facts by TikTok's influencers, educational and informative content has consistently performed well on the fast-growing SocialApp. In fact, educational content is so popular that TikTok has recently injected $15 million to build a content strand that will curate educational videos from across Europe.

TikTok audiences constantly look for easy-to-digest by rich educational content ranging from heavy-topic subject matters to everyday life hacks and cooking tutorials. Such videos are typically easy to produce and provide marketers a platform to talk about their products without being too commercial. Beyond that, educational videos also seem to generate above average engagement rates for marketers on TikTok. Here are three fundamental reasons why educational content has helped propel many TikTok Profiles, and how you can learn to take advantage of it for your own brand.

1. Highly Discoverability

Informative content of any kind tends to appear in the For You Page of anyone that has liked similar content before. Since it is easily identified and categorized by TikTok’s algorithm it is efficiently delivered to relevant audiences with similar interests. Other than that, educational content is one of the key types of content that users frequently search for with specific intent. Users who have queries or are interested in certain topics have the likelihood to type in words and hashtags to search for the specific topic on the discover page. This is why educational content is one of the types of content that people actively look for and not just stumble upon, making it more engaging and helping brands position their products and services deeper into the sales funnel. 

2. High Save and Share Numbers

When users are very interested in a certain topic that a post covers or are very entertained by a post, they tend to save or share them. And it is simply human nature on social media for users to want to share content if they discover a piece of useful informational content, and think it would be useful for their friends and family too.  Additionally, good educational content can be a precursor of discussions, potentially leading to not only more Saves and Shares but also Likes and Comments.

3. High Re-viewability

A good and easy way to gain a higher probability of appearing in a For You Page is to have higher viewing times and repeat views. This is why creators try to make their content seamless or even insert an easter egg in their video to encourage users to watch it again at a later date. This applies to every type of content, but educational or informative content has an even higher probability of being saved or shared because that's how it is made to be consumed. The ideas or demonstration can only be redone or applied by those who watch them. Dance tutorials or life hacks, for example, have to be viewed several times for people to replicate them. Thereby helping the videos score better viewing and engagement metrics.

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