The Latest Instagram Updates and Features You Need to Know (Part 1)

By  | Nov 21, 2022 11:01

Instagram Remix (Duet)

Instagram Avatar

Pin Post

Instagram Dual Camera, the BeReal Like Feature

Recently, Instagram is constantly releasing new features for its users. Some of these new features are fun, and a few are similar to other social media platforms. Nonetheless, they are beneficial for
Instagram content creators, influencers, and brands. Many speculate that the constant new features are Instagram’s effort to keep up with other social media like TikTok or BeReal, which are steadily gaining popularity. So, this article will help you to keep up with several Instagram updates. Here are some of the top Instagram new features that you need to know.

Instagram Remix (Duet)

Instagram released an update with a new feature called Remix. The Remix is an editing feature that lets its users post reaction videos side by side with the original video. It’s similar to TikTok’s Duet. You can remix all videos on the platform; it isn’t exclusive to Reels, as long as the user that posts the video or Reel has enabled Remix for their account.

If you regularly post video content, enabling it so other users can remix your video or Reel is a great way to initiate creative collaborations. The default Remix setting depends on your account privacy setting. No one can remix your video or Reel if you set your Instagram as private. For public accounts, Remix is already enabled by default, and you can easily enable or disable it from your account settings.

Here’s how to Remix an Instagram Video:

  1.     Select the Instagram video you want to remix. You can remix any Instagram video or Reel.
  2.     Tap the “three-dot” on the upper right and select “Remix”.
  3.     Upload a video from your phone or record your video in real-time, up to 60-seconds in length.
  4.     Edit or trim the video.
  5.     Share the video to your feed or to the Reels explore page.

And here’s how to enable or disable Instagram Remix on your account:

  1.     Head to your account “Settings”.
  2.     Select “Privacy”, then “Reels and Remix".
  3.     For a private account, on the “Privacy” page, change your account to public then “Reels and Remix".
  4.     Toggle grey to turn them off and to blue to turn them on.

Instagram Avatar

Another interesting new feature update is Instagram Avatars, which are your customizable 3D personas. Your Instagram Avatar can mirror your physical traits and style. You can also customize it to reflect how you want to be perceived online. This feature is pretty inclusive and fun to make. You can customize skin color, hairstyles, facial lines, outfits, head cover or hijab, and more. You can use your Avatar as reaction stickers on DMs and Instagram Stories.

Here are the steps to create an Instagram Avatar:

  1.     Tap the “three lines” or “hamburger” icon at the top-right corner of your Instagram profile page.
  2.     Tap on “Settings”.
  3.     Tap “Account”, and then tap “Avatar”.
  4.     Create and customize your Avatar.

Alternatively, you can create and customize your Avatar while creating an Instagram Story. Head to your sticker tray and select “Avatar”. From there, you’ll be able to create or edit your custom avatar. 

Pin Post

Instagram has launched a feature that enables users to pin up to three posts of your
Instagram content, including photos or Reels, to the top of their profile grid. The ability to pin a specific post to your profile is a welcome feature for users who want to highlight their favorite posts. It helps to keep posts that are already buried deep by other posts to show up first. It is also useful for creators who post frequently but want some of their specific posts to stay on top of their profile page.

Here are the steps to pin posts to the top of your Instagram page:

  1.     Open your Instagram profile page and search photos or videos you want to pin.
  2.     Tap the photo or video, and then tap the “three dots” in the top-right corner.
  3.     Tap “Pin to Your Profile”.
  4.     For a faster step, after step 1, hold-tap the photo or video, and then tap “Pin to Your Profile”.

Note that each newly pinned Instagram post moves to the top of the grid. If you want to pin three posts, the first pin goes to the end of the row, the second one in the middle, and the third one will be at the very beginning.

Instagram Dual Camera, the BeReal Like Feature

Many Instagram users said that the Dual Camera feature is very similar to a social media platform called BeReal. BeReal was invented in 2020, but it's been gaining a lot more popularity since earlier this year. It is designed to encourage its users to share their life without any filters. It will send a notification once per day to remind its users to take a picture using the front and back cameras simultaneously and show what they were doing at that moment.

The Dual Camera feature is a new feature that Instagram launched in July 2022. The Dual Camera feature allows you to take a picture with the front and back cameras on your phone simultaneously. The image from the front camera will appear as a small box in the upper right corner, while the rest of the screen shows the image from the back camera. This feature is only available on the mobile app.

Here’s how to use the Instagram Dual Camera feature:

  1.     Tap the “+” on the top-right of your Instagram account.
  2.     Create a new Story, tap the down arrow on the left, and tap “Dual”.
  3.     You will see the image from your back camera and a little rectangle with your front camera preview.
  4.     Tap and drag the front camera image to move it.
  5.     Tap the capture button.
  6.     Edit and add filters, stickers, or Avatar then tap “Your Story” to post it.

So, these are some latest updates for Instagram, and we are just getting started. Find out more about Instagram’s latest features, including desktop updates and NFTs, in part 2. Don’t miss it, and stay tuned for part 2!

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