The Art of Getting Featured on Instagram’s Explore Page

By Bradian Muliadi  | Feb 14, 2020 10:56 (edited)

Showing off your impeccable photos to Instagram can be a fantastic method to advance your personal and brand image. Upwards of 60 percent of Instagram users discover new personalities and brands from this platform. In any case, how could you elevate your image to Instagram users who haven’t known you? Enter Instagram's Explore page. 

The Explore page show content based on users’ past inclinations and behavior on Instagram. It highlights content from profiles that are different from them, and it's the ideal chance to acquaint your business with an enormous new audience. Here's how to get your image on Instagram's Explore page. 

1. Know your audience

Since the Explore page highlights content based on past inclinations and behaviors, the initial step is to genuinely comprehend your audience by analyzing your Instagram Profile through As an Instagram Reporting Tool, provides you thorough demographic information from a group of age, gender, location of the Instagram profiles who are engaged to your Instagram profile. 

Also, look at another substance that is included on the Explore page as of now to discover what's working. At the point when you know precisely who your audience is, you can engage them with relevant call-to-actions or social competitions. 

2. Collaborate with your Followers

To improve your odds of getting included on Instagram's Explore page, urge your followers to collaborate with your post, for example; 

  • Engage your followers with something relevant to their interests, so they will Like, Comment and Share your Instagram Profile or content with their followers. One of the easiest things to engage them is to post a quiz on Instagram and ask your followers to tag their friend so whoever gets tagged must follow the quiz.  
  • Provide a platform for followers to discover what they want to see. Maximize the usage of ask column on Instagram’s story so you will have diverse responses 

Finally, make sure you know the best times to post content. provides a heatmap of Instagram Engagement, which uncovers insights into your followers social media consumption behavior. This is useful because you have knowledge about what day and time precisely your followers are engaged to your Instagram Profile. 

3. Include Trending Hashtags related to your Post

Adding hashtags to your Instagram posts is an amazing method to broaden your reach and get discovered by your optimal clients on the Instagram Explore page but don't just use one hashtag. Combine your unique hashtags with well-known hashtags or fun expressions that are applicable to your intended interest group. 

4. Collaborate with other Brands and Influencers (Don’t forget to tag each other!)

When you tag another Instagram Profile in your Instagram post, it tells Instagram’s algorithm that you are building relationships and network effects. This would boost the chances of getting featured on Instagram's Explore page. In the event you collaborate with another brand to have a giveaway and label them in your post, Instagram can show your post on the Explore page to other users who are also interested in the same or similar brands. You can likewise do this when you work with Instagram influencers. 

Getting featured on Instagram’s Explore page is more of an art than a science, so be creative and experiment often! The more often you post and follow these guidelines, the higher the likelihood that you could get featured in the Explore page.

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