Some Inspirations to Make You Viral on Social Media When You Have No Idea Where to Start

By Bradian Muliadi  | Feb 06, 2020 10:20

Looking at viral challenges on social media, such as Instagram and TikTok, it seems pretty easy to do and lots of people have joined the ride. However, this thing needs to be concerned because people are getting used to the challenges and they will find something new to try. The upcoming challenge is to find another viral challenge and yet it’s still unpredictable what the next challenge will be.

For you who are thriving to be famous, this is your time to shine.  If you have no idea what to do, don’t worry. Always remember a phrase called Improvise Adapt Overcome so you can recreate viral challenges as if it’s your own. If you still need inspiration, here are some ideas improvised from what’s trending right now. 

1. Emoji Dance

Following emoji fingers is kind of boring because it’s too easy. Since there are so many dancing emojis, you can create your own dance following the emojis. It would be more fun and challenging because not just your hand is moving but your whole body is.

2. Shakira & JLo Inspired Challenge

Taking back to Shakira & Jlo’s halftime show at Superbowl how energetic they were even though they are no longer young. Their performance can inspire you to create a challenge like dancing as they did. If you can’t dance, maybe you can make yourself as a joke like making meme how great they are in their age meanwhile you still do nothing in your age.

3. All for one challenge

How about combining all viral challenges to be one challenge? You can do any song challenge while doing all around the world with your friends on stairs, or doing dojo cat while your hand is doing the hand switch challenge? Anything is possible, right? The more you combine those challenges, the game will be more difficult and people will be willing to exercise.

There is no single thing you can’t do on social media, it’s all up to you. You can do complicated things but one thing you should remember is simplifying your challenge’s name, so it will be easy to recognize. The more people recognize, your challenge will be viral faster. The most important thing does not to make a challenge that may harm or offend many people.

After you have done your own challenge, of course, you need to see the improvement of your challenge. If you need how many people like or try your challenge in number, you can analyze your challenge on, an Instagram & TikTok Analytics tool that shows how many engagements you have gained. gives you many pricing packages, even you choose ‘free’ you’ll still have engagement rates for you thoroughly.

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