Social Media and Podcasts as the Modern Day TV and Radio

By Bradian Muliadi  | Feb 27, 2020 09:52 (edited)

        Making content is still the main thing to spread the messages of your brand. For a company, they have to concern about content marketing because it’s important to share your brand’s image in and it helps your brand’s value to be elevated.

          Back then your brand used TV and radio to branding in the past, now the entire activity is shifted to the internet. However, there are still many brands that are branding carelessly on the internet. To clean up the mess, Social Media Platforms and Podcasts are the answer.

           The existence of Social Media Platforms and Podcasts is a form of repackaging of the role of TV and Radio via the internet. Therefore, if the brand is able to optimize Social Media and Podcasts, they will get the benefits they get in conventional media.


1. Social Media Platform as substitution of TV

Quoted from Forbes, six people out of then would prefer watching online video than TV. Along these lines, your videos should be fulfilling all the messages within your brand. At the point when you work video into your marketing plans, it ought to achieve two primary goals: Convincingly sell your product, and offer the image of your brand.

These days, do marketing through social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok are more compelling because the videos produced by both platforms have a natural feel than on TV and besides they can be an Internet sensation. On the other hand, the brand receives full profit because they can monetize their brand with Paid Ads and it doesn’t require a 3rd party to do.

       Since Instagram and Tiktok have been giving ease, you should be all out with your content. Regardless of what are your contents about, your customers must have something to bring onto their life after watching your contents.

       For example, on Instagram, you can maximize IGTV to provide in-depth knowledge of your brand. While on Tiktok since it has a shorter duration, you can make continuity looping from one video to another video to make the customers more curious.



Ex: on the top is an IGTV of Millie Bobby Brown’s cosmetic brand. From here, you learn that IGTV is useful to showcase in-depth information for a brand like Millie explains her products and tutorial thoroughly. On the bottom you can apply what Nyx’s TikTok profile does, six continuity looping video to explain and promote concealers.

2. Podcasts as brand new style of Radio

Do you still remember your past that spent time tuning in to your favorite program on the radio? Yes, now Podcast is present as a repackaged radio program on Internet. Slightly different from radio programs, Podcasts can be accessed repeatedly and accessible in every time. Listeners can access online streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Joox.

A study conducted by Nielsen in 2019 explained that 22% of US citizens listen to podcasts every day. Not to forget the main purpose of radio, Podcasts acts as a companion, so for those who listen to podcasts would feel accompanied.

That can be said, podcasts for marketing your brand could attract many potential customers because on a podcast, you put your brand as a companion for someone to go through instead of just plain advertising that might be easily forgotten. With this, your brand name will resonance in the listeners’ mind and these people could be your next potential loyal customers.

            Ex: On the top, .future is a podcast of Microsoft talking about forecasts and bits of knowledge on how mechanical advances will keep on framing the future. While on the bottom is #Lipstories of Sephora collaborates with Girlboss Radio. This podcast talks about accounts of the most remarkable female business visionaries, makers, and thought pioneers having an effect in the business world today

           The conclusion is, a brand has to understand the trends on the Internet so that they do not carelessly market their image. In 2020, Social Medias are still the main platforms to do branding, and the emergence of podcasts in recent years is also an alternative to do branding. If your brand is marketing it right, your brand will earn more engagements, more recognition, and more profits too.


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