Social Media Marketing: Will TikTok be The Next Instagram?

By Bradian Muliadi  | Nov 25, 2019 10:56

Social media marketing is on the rise. Marketers plan to reach more audiences by using various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Wait, TikTok? Yes, if you haven’t heard, globally renowned brands like Samsung, Guess, and BMW have used TikTok marketing to activate their online brand presenceand the results are fantastic!

Looking at the trends, TikTok has now gained more exposure and it is competing hard with Instagram. So for the main question, will TikTok marketing be the next Instagram Marketing? Let’s dive into the answers!

Could TikTok Be Better Than Instagram?

According to Datareportal, TikTok has around 500 million active users worldwide in 2019. While this number is still half of current Instagram’s users that is approximately 1 billion, we can assume TikTok has a great potential to be the next Instagram, and by all means, the next tool for spreading your online brand awareness


Based on the graphic, you can see how TikTok boosted in popularity rapidly and has amassed an incredible amount of users (a massive 500 million users) in just 2 years since its launch. Just for information, it took nearly six years for Instagram to reach this number.

In addition, TikTok also ranks on the top of the list of most downloaded Android Applications in the U.S with a whopping 9.14 million downloads. Surprisingly, it even beat Instagram that only registered 2.47 million downloads in October 2018.

Well, have you seen the pattern? Times has changed and TikTok may become the next “Leader” of social media platforms in this era. It starts to make sense why many companies intend to implement TikTok Marketing.

How TikTok Targets Gen Z

41% of Tik Tok users are preteens, teens and young adults (between 16-24 years) and they are the perfect audience for TikTok marketing and obviously your brand. Adolescents in their 14-18 years old are naturally more consumptive compared to older ages. Rather than needs, teens buy things because they want it.  

Furthermore, most social media users are preteens and teens who have a high interest in social networking. Rather than choosing to be wishy-washy platforms that strive to reach broader audiences, TikTok was trying a bold move and prefers to optimize their features for a more specific audience which still in their teens.

With the right strategy and platform, it will be really easy to spread your brand across the world and many people believe TikTok is one of those right platforms for marketing.

Why is TikTok so Popular, Especially Among Teens?

Like what you have known, TikTok is a social media video app that accommodates its users to create and share lip-sync, skit, dancing or other talent videos. But if only that, what makes TikTok different from Instagram which offers more features like photo and album sharing?

First of all, their features feel more intimate and interactive. When you enter the platform, you will be greeted with “For You” page that consists of various recommendation contents in a full vertical screen based on your previous interactions.

Then, there is also a video editing feature. It doesn’t take a master of Adobe Premiere app to create engaging and dynamic 15-second video through TikTok. It has complete pack of editing features such as speed, beauty, filters, timers, and the most popular music effects tools, so users can easily produce a masterpiece, in an easy way.

One thing for sure, TikTok is the expert when it comes to creating trends. Remember #AREA51? This hashtag has invaded TikTok for quite a long time and may still go on until now. It even spread to other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. When it is about marketing, spreading trends is essential and that is the reason why TikTok marketing can be a very powerful strategy.

Instagrammers and Youtubers now start flocking to TikTok as they believe TikTok offers a lot when it comes to create content and bring out the creativity. Furthermore, the community is really palpable and easier to be connected. It is not impossible to raise thousands of followers in a short period. Then, how about your brand? Will you start optimizing Tik Tok marketing to reach more audiences?

So what now, Will TikTok be The Next Instagram?

TikTok has great potential and maybe even shows much more promise than Instagram does, but it is still too early to predict the future of TikTok. One thing is certain, many brands have started tapping into this platform and utilizing TikTok marketing to promote their products and services. So, better start learning now before you get left behind, right?

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