Social Media Habits That Will Help Your Brand Thrive

By  | Apr 10, 2019 04:05

Virality doesn’t happen by accident. Clever witticisms and funny GIFs that make the rounds succeed because the people behind them study the best ways to get themselves noticed. If you want to enjoy the same success, you need to practice the same good habits.

Brands turn to influencers and social media gurus because these channels deliver proven results. One 2017 survey found that 69 percent of marketers have built loyal fanbases for their brands through social media marketing. Practically everyone with purchasing power has a social media account, and if marketers don’t use that platform, their competitors will.

Many who fail on social media neglect to follow some of the obvious best practices. First, you need to have goals before you can achieve them. Following that, you should benchmark your progress toward those goals and understand the metrics by which you measure success. You may enjoy it when people like your posts, but if those likes don’t translate to revenue, they don’t help much.

Unfortunately for the anti-social, abstaining is not an option. The power of social media is too great. Even word-of-mouth marketing, the secret weapon of small businesses everywhere, depends largely on social media presence. There is no escape.

Top habits of social media leaders

If you want to get noticed and make money this year and beyond, social media holds the key. I connected with a few entrepreneurs and business leaders to learn more about the social media habits that help them succeed.

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