The Benefits

If your content is inspiring or valuable, your followers will share your Stories with their own network of friends. Think of it as free and valuable advertising for your restaurant. Plus it won’t even be considered as advertising by the IG users, but more like referrals from good friends – and as such, the’ll be even more effective than paid advertising. Also, another cool feature in Instagram is “Explore”. If you manage to create viral content or get a decent number of followers, you could end up at the top of the Explore page. As IG users are being offered content based on their location and related to their very own interests, appearing at the top of the Explore page is considered the Holy Grail when it comes to Instagram business presence.

The Pitfalls

The challenge will be to stay consistent in the Stories you post in terms of content and frequency. While it may seem fun and easy at the beginning, it will require persistence, creativity, and drive to maintain a presence on Instagram. Many restaurants I have followed in the past started out gung-ho and were posting several Stories each day for about a month or so. Then, reality hit and they couldn’t find the time and patience to continue at that pace. Like everything we want to achieve, developing a solid IG strategy will allow you to get results. Being able to measure those results and continuously improve on them will be key to your success on IG.

Instagram is here to stay, so take the time to learn how to use it and to see how your restaurant would benefit from it.