Lessons from Chipotle on how to attract Gen Z on the Social Media

By Bradian Muliadi  | Feb 28, 2020 08:58 (edited)


Generation Z, those born between 1995-2010, are now the most dominant internet users, as well as the most consumptive consumers both online and offline. In 2020, being able to target them with surgical accuracy to digitally promote your brand and drive sales is a valuable skillset every brand should start sharpening.  Luckily for us, it is not that hard to find where the Gen Z digitally “live”: Instagram and TikTok. But although most businesses have Instagram Business Profiles now, not a lot have started on TikTok.

Take the example of Chipotle, one of the Mexican Fast Food brands that use Tiktok for branding. Chipotle has provided many challenges in Tiktok, one of which is #Guacdance. #Guacdance invited all Chipotle’s followers on Tiktok to dance to the song Guacamole by Dr. Jean, which became an instant viral hit on the Internet. The call-to-action incentivized TikTokers with the chance to win free guacamole gifts and sides from Chipotle on National Guacamole Day.  As a result, the #Guacdance campaign became the best-selling challenge in TikTok, generating 250,000 videos from followers and more than 800,000 free guacamole sides.

Lets see what you can learn from Chipotle’s viral campaign to achieve the same virality and impact among Gen Z for your brand:

1. Know where and what content the Gen Z consume

Chipotle is aware of Gen Z’s habit of spending large amounts of time on social media, so they focused efforts on creating authentic content that resonated with Gen Z on Instagram and TikTok using memes that struck a fine balance of conveying their corporate identity and being fund and approachable at doing it.

#Guacdance on Tiktok

#Guacdance’s record-breaking campaign was initially inspired by memes, which could have only came about because Chipotle had a deep understanding of Gen Z’s social media habits and inclinations.

2. Advertise with authenticity and originality to your Brand

Gen Zs are digital-savvy and do not like hard-selling content or deceptive taglines.  Chipotle knew what its loyal fans loved, and spun out a social media campaign that was fun for them while conveying its branding and marketing message naturally. Other challenges that Chipotle did on TikTok besides #Guacdance include #ChipotleLidFlip, which challenged followers to flip Chipotle lids on its burrito plate in three seconds.

#ChipotleLidFlip on Tiktok

3.Gen Z love to create fun content and digitally participate

It is well-known among marketers that Millenials love to consume content, whereas Gen Z love to produce content (well and consume too).  Realizing this, Chipotle invited its followers to excite its Gen Z users by giving them a unique chance to create fun content, while incentivizing them with exchanges of free food.  Naturally, this made every content creator and user-generated-content a pillar of advertising to promote Chipotle’s brand, especially on social media.

Chipotle launched an official collaboration with Tikok

In summary, know what type of content the Gen Z consume and where they consume them, push out your own brand’s marketing message with authenticity and originality, and excite the Gen Z with something uniquely fun to your brand that invites them to create content and amplify you on social media.

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