Instagram will start putting ads in your ‘Explore’ feed

By  | Jun 28, 2019 09:54

Ads are coming for your “Explore” feed on Instagram.

Facebook-owned Instagram announced Wednesday it would be rolling out ads in the section of Instagram where users browse photos and videos from accounts they might not follow. When Instagram users tap a photo or video in the “Explore” section, the company said users may start to see ads as they scroll through content. The changes will be introduced over the next few months.


It’s another way for Instagram to let brands get in front of potential customers. Instagram said 80% of people follow a business on Instagram and said the “Explore” tab can “help them find the next business or product they might love.” The company said more than half of accounts on Instagram use “Explore” every month.

“For advertisers, this is an opportunity to be part of what’s culturally relevant and trending while reaching new audiences who are looking to discover something new,” the post announcing the change said.

This is just the latest ad product announcement for Instagram, which earlier this month said it was rolling out the ability for advertisers to promote posts from “influencers,” or users who brands work with to promote their services or products.

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