Instagram is testing ‘creator’ accounts with special features for influencers

By  | Dec 21, 2018 07:31

Instagram is testing â??creatorâ?? accounts with special features for influencers

Facebook-owned Instagram is reportedly trialing a new type of account for content creators with large audiences on its platform, according to Hollywood Reporter.

The new account – currently being tested by a small group of users – grants access to insights about follows and unfollows, as well as the ability to filter direct messages from different groups of followers (such as brands and IRL friends). It also adds a more flexible way to control how others can contact them.

The effort should see Instagram become a more attractive platform for content creators, artists, and influencers – and arm it to compete against Snapchat. The company already offers business accounts with additional features, like the ability to add price tags to posts featuring products, and to add links to ephemeral Stories.

The new account type is slated to roll out to more users in the near future; if you’re keen on growing your audience on Instagram, you’ll want to keep an eye out for this. We’ve contacted the company to learn more and will update this post if there’s a response.

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