Instagram Reels: 4 Features You Need to Know

By Bradian Muliadi  | Aug 11, 2020 04:01

Instagram Reels, which is Instagram’s 15-second music-filled video feature in response to TikTok, has officially launched alongside Instagram Live and Boomerang, where users can access richer editing tools to create videos in fresh formats like those in TikTok’s popularly dynamic and personalized feeds.  Instagram Reels videos will be showcased in both the Home feed and Explore page,  and in addition to that, Instagram has also launched customized algorithmic features similar to TikTok’s “For You Page”. This lets Instagram users more easily discover content from creators they do not follow.  Instagram has partnered with several TikTok influencers to start promoting Instagram Reels, which has been launched in a rollout limited to 50 countries. Here are a few key features from Instagram Reels that every marketer needs to be aware of to adapt their marketing strategy to this new format:

1. "Featured" Page


Similar to TikTok’s For You Page, “Featured” on Instagram will give you selections of original content with connections to your already existing content. Users will be able to discover similar videos and receive notifications once their content has been featured on the Explore page.  This feature lets everyone have the potential to appear in anyone’s Instagram content feed without following the accounts, just like the For You Page on TikTok.


2. Audio Libraries

Aside from being able to use their own audio, Instagram also provides an audio library for users to select popular soundtracks. Instagram users can also record their own audio to create content with their own voice. 


3. Video Editing Tools

Instagram Reels adopts a similar approach to TikTok with its video editing tools. Users can adjust their video speed and embed special effects to make their Instagram videos more engaging. Users can also choose to use existing content as references to instantly record, and also draw or embed stylized texts.

4. Save to Drafts

Instagram users will be able to save their work in progress as drafts for them to be able to edit the videos at a later date. This feature helps users save unfinished content or create multiple versions of videos to review or experiment on.

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