Instagram May Soon Allow You To Make Your Collections Public

By  | Mar 05, 2019 03:47 (edited)
Back in 2017, Instagram launched Collections, a small – but important – feature that gave users the ability to save posts in private collections, simply by tapping and holding the bookmark icon underneath any post. If someone wanted to have multiple themed collections, they could create different ones and save and keep track of the posts they wanted to remember. A lot like Pinterest’s private boards, right? Exactly.

However, up until now, Instagram’s Collections were private. Now, it seems Instagram is about to change that.


After analysing Instagram for Android’s code, reverse-engineering tipster Jane Manchun Wong found that Instagram is building a way to make Collections public. It comes in the form of a toggle to turn on or off, but while Instagram has denied testing it, it’s obviously there. It’s also logical that Instagram would be working on this feature; after all, Facebook rolled out a shared Collections feature back in December.

And while Pinterest is all about visual search and inspiration, it seems that Instagram may be going in that direction as well.

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