Instagram Launches Product Launch Reminder Stickers and Tags to Capitalize on Audience Interest

By  | Oct 03, 2019 04:16
eCommerce seems like the next logical step for Instagram, with the platform slowly but surely adding in new features and options which encourage shopping in-app, providing new functionality for users, and new opportunities for businesses to get more out of their Insta presence.
This week, Instagram has continued along that line with the launch a beta test of a new product launch sticker in Instagram Stories, and a product launch tag option in the main feed. The two options will enable users to set reminders for the item launch date, preview the product details in-stream, and then make a subsequent purchase as soon as a product becomes available - all without leaving Instagram.

Instagram product launch tags

As you can see in the sequence above, which uses the Product Launch Sticker for Stories, brands will be able to add a sticker noting the date of the product launch, which users can then tap on to set a reminder. If they choose that option, a push notification will be sent to their phone (dependent on their device settings), letting them know the moment that the product they were interested is released.

The option will enable users to maintain connection with the latest trends and releases from the people and businesses that they're already following on the platform. As per Instagram:

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"On Instagram, latest trends come together in music, art, fashion and more. People follow their favorite brands and creators - all kinds of tastemakers - to keep up with these interests and discover new products. Brands and creators connect with shoppers eager to have those products the instant they’re available. The convergence of these activities make Instagram the place where collaborations and limited releases happen."

Instagram notes that the option could be particularly beneficial for creator collaborations and limited releases, catering to engaged audiences in the app in order to increase demand and buzz within the community. You can imagine the potential here for influencer partnerships, offering said influencers exclusive rights to use the sticker and inform their followers of the release.

At this stage, the new tags are being tested by a small group of brands in the US, including Adidas, H&M and Warby Parker. Instagram hasn't provided details of a full rollout, but it's another option which will add to the platform's increasing slate of eCommerce tools, and eventually facilitate a whole new option for those looking to sell their products online.  
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