Instagram Launches New @Creators Account to Provide Tips and Advice for Influencers

By  | Oct 01, 2019 09:21

In order for Instagram to maintain its current engagement levels, and keep pushing platform growth, it needs to maintain connection with prominent creators, and ensure that they're able to get all they want out of the platform's tools. This is especially true for IGTV, which is still yet to gain significant traction - in order for IGTV to become a YouTube-like rival, it needs those top creators to keep posting, while it also needs the next generation of video stars to want to build their on-platform presence and audience.

That's where Instagram's latest initiative comes in - introducing the new @Creators Instagram account, which, Instagram says, will be: "THE place to learn more about what it takes to be a creator from the team at Instagram + the creators who inspire us every day".

As you can see in the video, the new account will share tips, tricks and tutorials from platform experts, as well as official Instagram updates and data insights like this:

These notes will, ideally, give creators a better understanding of how they can maximize their Instagram presence, and build their audience on the platform. And as noted by The Verge, IGTV is a big focus - though Instagram hasn't outlined monetization processes dor IGTV content just yet:

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"So far, Instagram hasn’t given anyone a native way to make money on the platform, although [head of content and creator partnerships Justin] Antony told The Verge in April that IGTV will be the first place the company monetizes. In a call last week, however, he said the platform isn’t “there yet.” In the meantime, people should keep making content for it, though."

The Creators account also specifically notes that it cannot help with Verification, maybe the most common question from wannabe Instagram stars, while it also includes some other key FAQs in its Highlight collection, including:

Instagram Creators FAQ

Sorry to say the chronological timeline ain't coming back any time soon. In addition to helping creators, these notes may also prove valuable for brands looking to improve their Instagram presence, both from a content creation perspective, and through understanding what influencers are looking for, which may enable you to form better influencer partnerships. 

It'll be interesting to see just how helpful the tips and notes end up being. Instagram shut down its previous community team, which posted similar updates and tips, among other community-building efforts, early last year, so it'll be interesting to see how this account differs, and what approach it takes to sharing relevant data and insights. 

You can follow the new @Creator account on Instagram.     

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