Why Influencer Analytics is Crucial during COVID-19 for Influencer Marketing

By Bradian Muliadi  | May 14, 2020 11:12

If you are marketing your brand actively during the COVID-19 pandemic, you must have realized the rising number of users online on social media. In response to this surge, the number of influencer marketing campaigns have also risen. 

However, that is not the case for every industry nor is it the case for every influencer. This is caused by the changing social media environment and habits among users. Such a unique situation calls for brands, marketers, and even influencers to evaluate their past strategies and adapt to current conditions.

The explanation for this change is simple: users’ activities are changing, and so are influencers’ shifting fanbase. The information you can get about the current social media sphere has been shown by several studies, however, each study shows that there are different shifts within every industry and every group of audiences. Therefore in social media marketing, it is crucial to utilize Instagram analytics (or TikTok analytics) to adapt your social media strategy to current social conditions and audience behaviors. Here are some of the key advantages of using influencer analytics:

1. Ensuring The Best Return On Investment (ROI)

Instagram analytics allows you to assess followers’ activities and engagement rates of the influencer you want to select. Although this is always important in all cases, it is particularly important now during this Coronavirus pandemic.

This is understandable because some industries are facing growth while some are declining, and correspondingly, influencers from different industries are also getting mixed social growth rates. This means you cannot rely on engagement rates that you have acquired before these prevailing conditions. The influencers that may have performed well before might have faced a decline, or they are facing an unstable audience engagement as they experiment with COVID-19-related content. To avoid inefficiency in your investment, you need up-to-date influencer analytics and insights that accurately assess the present performance of each influencer.

Additionally, you must be able to recognize whether the brands that influencers have attached themselves to are still relevant to your audience. This is important because influencers of certain industries, such as travel or luxury goods, face a significant decline in engagements such as Likes and Comments. This does not mean that these industries are doomed to have bad engagement rates, but it means that it's necessary to change the type of content in order to adapt. If your influencers are from those industries, you should use your analytics to check if they still manage to maintain relevance.

The benefit of having your own Instagram influencer analytics tools is that you are able to analyze and get all the Instagram profiles and hashtag insights you need in your own accord, as opposed to relying on data from influencers or Instagram insights. Additionally, influencer analytics like Analisa.io equips you with tools to recognize fraudulent or inactive followers so you are many steps closer to capturing your desired target audience.

2. Determining The Best Time Maximize Instagram Engagement

Presumably, you and your selected influencers have chosen a specific time of the day when your posts normally would gain traction. However, social media usage during COVID-19 has shifted the best posting time for every industry and consequently also shifted audience behaviors for influencers. What this tells you is that every brand must be willing to analyze and adapt to their target audience activity time and most importantly during campaigns. 

When selecting an influencer or before launching the campaign, brands are suggested to use analytics to view data about the engagement activities of the said influencer’s followers. This could mean that you need to select a different time than previously planned or it could mean that you need to check whether the activity time of the influencer’s followers matches the activity time of your target market. 

3. Understanding Your Audiences’ Evolving Taste in Content

Did you know that Instagram Stories posted by creators generally get 21% more views compared to Instagram Posts? There is a noticeable shift in what content is more desired by fans and followers. Some social media experts suggest that video content is the most effective type of content during this time and this is arguably true given that there has been an 80% spike in Instagram Live views in the United States.

Such COVID-19 social phenomena further reinforce the notion that Instagram insights from the Instagram mobile application will not suffice in navigating marketers through this tumultuous business environment. Fortunately, with advancements of Instagram analytics tools, you can narrow down the type of content that will perform successfully, and easily pinpoint the right type of influencers to push your content for you through in-depth influencer analytics. For example, through  Instagram hashtag analytics tools like Analisa.io, you can easily identify, sort, and rank performing content versus performing influencers and use those insights to launch your own powerful data-driven campaign. From such insights, you can emulate the success of other brand campaigns or influencers, as well as your competitors’, to fine-tune your own social strategy and adapt to audiences’ shifting social behaviors amidst COVID-19.

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