How to TikTok Livestream for Brands

By Bradian Muliadi  | Jul 02, 2020 04:30 (edited)

Although TikTok is most popularly known for engaging short-form content, the Bytedance-owned social media platform is also chasing similar engagement success in longer-form content by pushing livestreams into the mainstream for users and businesses.  Livestreams expand the formats of expression in the TikTok ecosystem by enabling virtual events from users ranging from individuals in their bedrooms, all the way to musicians, brands, or NGOs in public events.  Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can make the most out of TikTok livestreams and keep your audience engaged:

1. Q&A Sessions with Users

Studies have shown that video content from YouTube is the most trusted platform for product reviews by internet users. This pushes social media platforms to develop long video content and improve the ecosystem for businesses on social media.

To gain users’ trust and persuade them to purchase brands’ products, many have utilized it to hold a Questions and Answers session on TikTok Live. This method is especially popular for beauty brands which often rely on tutorials to attract consumers. Elf cosmetics, a beauty brand that is notable for their previous #EyesLipsFace TikTok campaign, have done two livestreams over the COVID-19 quarantine. They boost their livestream event by partnering with influencer, Yanina Oyarzo, and gave an entertaining and interactive tutorial which doubles as a QnA session.

2. Press Releases

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, brands are normalizing online events. Press releases are one of the events that are predicted to be even more often held online. For commercial brands, this is important for purposes such as product launch.

Xiaomi, a Chinese technology company, recently did a livestream press release for the launch of its latest product Xiaomi 10. Livestreaming is particularly popular among Chinese e-commerce, making Douyin an important player in the livestream boom. In fact, according to iResearch, China will have 524 million online livestreaming users.

3. Livestream Entertainment

At times of stay-at-home orders, home-based entertainment is gaining more popularity than ever. TikTok livestream has been brimming with free entertainment, most notably, concerts. First Tube Media, a marketing company that specializes in branded livestreaming performances, reported it has seen a 300% bump in year-over-year revenue and a high demand for online shows. 

Artists such as Camila Cabello and Meghan Trainor have been participating in livestream shows hosted by companies such as MasterCard. This type of live content is particularly effective given the high anticipation and its potential to insert your brand in a subtle but memorable way.

A good livestream content on TikTok if planned well can attract new followers and gain awareness of your brand. Partnership with artists and influencers often play a part in the success of livestreaming content.

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