How to Measure Your Success Using TikTok Analytics

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TikTok Profile Analytics Overview

Get Detailed Information using TikTok Pro

Average Engagement Rate per Post

After creating several
TikTok marketing campaigns, you may wonder if those campaigns are successful or not. TikTok analytics allows you to get such information. Here are some measurements or metrics that will provide you with more detailed information on which campaigns are successful and which are not. Thus it allows you to find your secret formula for the next campaign. 

TikTok Profile Analytics Overview

First thing you need to check is your overall TikTok performance. You can do that on the Overview tab on your TikTok profile.

There are mainly three metrics on your profile "overview" tab that you need to measure:

Profile Views

On the profile views tab, you will see how many people have clicked over to your profile in the last 7 days to 28 days. You will be able to pinpoint exactly the content that is driving profile viewers because the information provided is broken down by day.

Video Views

You will get information on how your video views have looked over the last 7-28 days, depending on what date stamp you have selected. This video views tab will give you a glimpse about your TikTok video performance.

Follower Counts

Follower metrics information is displayed in 7 days to 28 days increments. This feature will allow you to pinpoint exactly which content that might be pushing more audience and followers in your direction by aligning follower spikes with video and profile views. This will also let you get a better understanding of what your audience expects from your account.

Get Detailed Information using TikTok Pro

Those profile overview info can be obtained for free. If you need to get deeper knowledge on whether your last TikTok marketing campaigns have been successful or not, you might want to consider to get TikTok pro because it provides you with more detailed information, such as:

UGC (user-generated content)

This content created by TikTok users includes the hashtag challenge they use in their videos. Participation or the number of UGC videos posted that use the hashtag challenge, along with:

Total campaign hashtag views or the total number of views across all videos that use the campaign’s hashtag. Total hashtag challenge engagements or the total number of engagements across all videos that use the campaign’s hashtag.

Cost per view (CPV)

Two CPVs information available:

  1. CPV based on the total view count of contracted influencer content only.
  2. CPV based on total view count across the whole campaign, including views for UGC content using the campaign hashtag.

Cost per engagement (CPE):

Two CPEs can be reported:

CPE based on total engagements of contracted influencer content only.

CPE based on total engagements across the whole campaign, including TikTok engagements for UGC content using the hashtag challenge.

Median Channel Views

The median view of an influencer’s TikTok channel. Using the median as opposed to the average is suggested because this metric is not distorted by those of viral videos.

Average Engagement Rate per Post

The big part of measuring the success of any social media campaign is engagement. Thus the Average Engagement Rate/Post metric is a critical overview that allows you to get a glimpse into your campaign’s performance at every level. 

This knowledge will help you adjust your strategy accordingly, such as what trends are worth joining in when it comes to your brand’s target audience, what types of videos are effective, and what types aren’t when looking at sponsored posts from influencers. 

Meaningful interactions that your audience has with your TikTok videos is the real meaning of engagement. These actions include likes and comments. Of course, the higher the TikTok engagement rate, the better.


After reading this article, we hope you will know how to measure your campaign success or ROI (Return On Investment).

Monitoring and tracking conversions as well as revenue increases which are resulted from social media campaigns is critical to the success of your TikTok marketing strategy.

As you review your TikTok campaign’s performance, reach, and engagement metrics, they will let you make well informed assumptions regarding the number of people converted into real customers who buy your products or services via your efforts. 

Over time, you’ll be able to compare TikTok engagement rates over a previous period and help you decide whether your engagement rate is improving or not, and diagnose the causes.

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