How to Make The Social Media Influencer Resume Look Proficient and WOW

By Dimitar Karamarinov  | Oct 21, 2020 10:03 (edited)

First, State Your Career Goals

Highlight Your Communication Skills

Analytics & Automation

Intuition and Social Channels

Show Off Your Copywriting Skills

Unleash Your Creativity

Use Action Verbs

Professional Experience: Quantify Where You Can

Know Your Social Platforms

Image Formatting Matters

Social media influencers are the brand ambassadors of a business. It takes more than a long friend’s list on Facebook and posting every day to be a social media pro of high exposure and impact.

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Social media is all about standing out and the first thing that sets you apart is your resume. To make one that gets people to wow, create a pitch-perfect resume that emphasizes your skills, qualifications, and achievements. The more impressive it is, the more you will engage recruiters with compelling content and showcase your potential. 

Therefore, at we compiled a helpful set of guidelines, whether you want to touch up your current social media resume or make one from your chosen resume template format.

Follow the tips below and build your Insta-worthy, Facebook-popping, TikTok-smashing resume that gets you noticed! 

First, State Your Career Goals

There are 4x different ways to start a resume. 

  • Resume Summary;
  • Career Objective;
  • Professional Profile;
  • Qualifications Summary.

But do you wonder which suits the social media resume best?

  • As the experts’ advice, begin with a brief, precise statement for your career objectives. 
  • Highlight your skills and competencies. 
  • Present yourself with a few but meaningful sentences. 
  • Give recruiters an overview of your best assets. 
  • Qualify you as a potential match from the start.

The social media manager role is demanding and dynamic and so should the resume of a social expert be.


Highly engaged marketing specialist with a proven track record. 8+ years of experience in social media management and digital marketing. Ability to create a strong brand presence by leveraging analytical, research, and communication skills. 

Highlight Your Communication Skills

Did you notice the last words from the career objective sample above? Yes, communication is the key. And not any communication, but one that is ease-to-grasp and effective. 

After all, social media is merely a means of communication, right? 

Companies use social channels to reach clients and promote their brands. They also connect with, engage, and influence potential customers.  

That’s why the ability to convey a message via the various forms of digital medium social channels offer define you as a true social media professional. The ability to communicate meaningful content is key to success. Reputable and successful social media marketers maintain top-notch communication both within the company and with their target audience. 

But what are the skills of the communicative social media expert?

  • Presentation;
  • Diplomacy;
  • Empathy;
  • Feedback;
  • Collaboration;
  • Active Listening;
  • Leadership;
  • Presentation;
  • Mediation;
  • Clarity.

Analytics & Automation

Don’t rely on the assumption that successful marketers possess strong analytical skills and know-how in automation. Elaborate on these on your resume! 

List your abilities to track performance, understand follower demographics & authenticity measure followers growth, as well as hashtag trends to evaluate engagement. Show recruiters that you can manage social media and the analytics prove how good you are. 

Do you use Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, or Instagram data? Add it to your resume. Explain how you measure campaign success and what metrics matter to you the most. 

Here are just a few of the perks you get when using Analisa:

  • Profile & Competition Analysis
    Analyze social activity and performance of your own and competitors' Instagram or TikTok Profiles & Hashtags                           
  • Following Demographics & Influencer Authenticity
    Find out Age, Gender, and Location of Instagram Profiles'
    Followers, while measuring Quality & Authenticity to minimize fraud.                           
  • Reports on Campaigns     
    Save time. Export Instagram and TikTok Profile and Hashtag report to PDF or CSV, customized to your needs.                           
  • Data & Analytics over Time
    Get historical data of posts and uncover social insights from customized date ranges                           
  • Content & Influencer Optimization
    Discover engaging content and influencers with real-time analytics of top posts, captions, hashtags, and posting times.                           

How about planning and execution? 

Are you experienced with social media scheduling tools and handy little scripts? Make sure to write down the essence of benefits and usage, as working smarter, and not harder, improves your chances immensely. 

Intuition and Social Channels

The hunch for the right social media platform perf type of marketing purpose is the next cornerstone to add weight on your resume. 

For example, use Twitter to interact with customers, post press releases on Facebook, advertise job openings on LinkedIn, affiliate marketing, and address lifestyle on Instagram 

Show Off Your Copywriting Skills

A good level of grammar and spelling is essential for any profession, but it takes creative and conversational copywriting to be a real social media guru. Mistakes and typos spoil the big picture both for your social media posts and in your resume. Use specialized software such as Grammarly or ProWritingAid to double-check your writing and fix issues before you let others see it 

Copywriting should be captivating and engaging. To become an influential social media expert, you have to build a robust vocabulary and thus craft purposeful content and messaging in limited space. 

Show off your copywriting skills and create a resume worthy of a modern-day Hemingway. 

Unleash Your Creativity

Social media gets boring as most of us scroll down in search of intriguing posts and scroll down until the mental drain hits the bottom rock and you have to stop. 

This is where the true social media pro comes at hand. The ability to create original content that touches people and triggers emotions sets you apart from the crowd. It leads to meaningful engagement: clicks, likes, shares, retweets, and increases your audience. To use videos, music, giveaways, polls, and jokes to inspire the audience, one has to fine-tune, and sync with the audience targeted, thus get creative, and ultimately achieve results! 

Use Action Verbs

Fill your resume with power verbs that relate to a social media manager:

  • Accelerate;
  • Achieve;
  • Enhance;
  • Boost;
  • Gain;
  • Maximize;
  • Influence;
  • Convert;
  • Revamp;
  • Streamline;
  • Update;
  • Launch;
  • Maintain;
  • Track;
  • Research;
  • Design.

Professional Experience: Quantify Where You Can

Use quantitative statements when you list your professional experience. Don’t describe your job duties but highlight the impact of your work instead. Prove your value and abilities with accomplishment statements:

  • Developed and launched viral campaigns that raised brand awareness by 35% over the period of 3 months
  • Ran rebranding campaigns engaging over  48% of all followers
  • Planned and executed social media events that led to a 65% increase in customer involvement throughout the campaign
  • Increased Instagram followers by 2000 in 5 weeks.

The metrics, stats, graphs, and other hard data that you include testify for your marketing potential before recruiters. Forget about modesty, brag about your achievements, and show your past success. 

This is what great marketers do. 

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Know Your Social Platforms

Social media managers are experts on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn. But apart from these platforms, the manager should know the tools that help with content scheduling, channel management, branding, and marketing analytics. 

Show hiring managers that you keep up with trends and you know how to use tools to your advantage. List all tools in the additional skills section of your resume.

Image Formatting Matters

Image formatting is an essential part of social media management. Even toddlers can tell you that posts with images have a higher impact than ones without. 

As an experienced marketer, you should be able to select the best meme, gif, or photo that conveys the purpose of the post. At best, you should be able to create your own to be unique. There are many great tools for creating visual content, even if you are not into graphic design

Choosing the correct images helps you develop a positive brand image and a branded persona. Add links to original and trending posts with pictures to showcase your hunch for images and file formats. 


To make a social media resume pop, one has to put time, effort, and a great deal of passion. Follow these tips and tailor your resume to the highest industry standards. Ramp up on creativity and impress recruiters with a credible resume that reflects your image of a social media marketer. Show your strong presence, motivation, knowledge, creativity, and set your path to success! 

Create a perfect resume that attracts hiring managers just like you would make a social media post that gets likes and shares.



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